Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Win A Disc Wednesday-Ratboy Jr. Winner Announced

We have a weiner.....Dana D. from Windemere, Florida!    You've won Smorgasbord by Ratboy Jr.    We check out a lotta kindie music and this is one of the best 1st full length CDs we've heard in a while.  We highly recommend checkin' out Ratboy Jr. for pure fun and creativity. 

These guys even opened for The Levon Helm Band!   They also told us they'd played festivals with the excellent musicians in Rubblebucket, and we can see why.   Kids deserve great tunes too, and Ratboy Jr. doesn't compromise on quality musicianship!   

These guys specialize in funky philosophy, with hippy wisdom like "Wherever you go, there you are," and "If a bear sneezes in the woods, does anyone hear it?"       We loved their wiggy lyrics logic like Time is just Tim with an e and their unique mash up of styles and themes like a robot who thinks he's a pirate and an unmeltable snowman who might be an alien.    

One of our ultra favorites is A Little Bit, a sweet song about wanting to sleep just a little bit more, because the dream was just getting good and they don't wanna give it up.    I think we've all been there!   They're gettin' some well deserved recognition and acclaim, so hopefully Ratboy Jr. won't be giving up their dream any time soon, because they're already good-no getting about it.

Their sound incorporates an impressive variety of styles from alt-punk country, folk, funk, jazz and even rap, along with a funky array of horns, slide whistle, kazoo and other instrumental interjections.  This 15 track ride had us all laughing and singing along in no time.    

Their CD just yelps eco-friendly with it's recycled brown ReSleeve, and Ratboy Jr. continues that bent throughout their great collection of songs.   We love the song, Worms, a ballad about rescuing our wiggly friends from the concrete and returning them to the earth.   The earth love continues with the next track, Dirt, an ode to and urging to play outside.    

Check out Ratboy Jr.'s site for tour and ordering info and song samples. Then stalk them in all the socially approved ways like Facebook and YouTube.   They're playing an impressive array of NY and East Coast shows including Mountain Jam.   Check out the line up HERE if you live out that way or are traveling that direction.   We're practically ready to get on the fun bus and head out East just to see these guys live.   "Rarrrr!"   This is one fantastic celebration of imagination and childlike joy that will have kids of all ages grinnin' ear to ear (even the so called grown up ones).  

Ratboy Jr. has been quite busy! After a spring and summer full of festivals and assorted shows across the Northeast, their most recent highlight was a special opening set for The Levon Helm Band. Since the release of their fist full-length album, Smorgasbord, Ratboy Jr. has been hard at work performing at festivals such as Mountain Jam (NY), The Green River Festival (MA), The LEAF Festival (NC), Strange Creek, The River Meltdow, and more. Smorgasbord has been receiving airplay on several radio stations throughout the country and can be found at itunes, cdbaby, amazon, and others. Smorgasbord has received excellent reviews from some of the leading blogs in kids music. Ratboy Jr. also has produced several videos which can be found at
Ratboy Jr. is singer and guitarist Timmy and multitasker extraordinaire Matty (he plays drums and keyboards at the same time!) and they are located in the beautiful Hudson Valley. There must be something in the water because their neighbors are Dog on Fleas, Uncle Rock, and Elizabeth Mitchell. They are a rocking duo for all ages. They perform energetic, catchy, and sometimes improvised tunes with hooks and stories that will get stuck in your head- songs about robots, emus, and garbage men. Their live shows have been getting a lot of buzz. They seemed to have found the formula for a super fun show, a perfect mix of audience participation, hilarious onstage banter, and a slide whistle!

Timmy and Matty have played with big kids, like The Ramones, Dog on Fleas, Pete Seeger, and the guy from School House Rock! Ratboy Jr. is also making it to the airwaves and have been played on Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child, Gooney Bird Kids, WDST, WKZE, etc. They have appeared at the Clearwater Festival, Wormfest, Howlfest, Bowery poetry Club, etc.

Here’s what folks are saying about Ratboy Jr:

"The two-man rock band performs its catchy (and often improvised) tunes with a side of onstage banter to break up the music" -Time Out NY
"An intoxicating mix of The Jayhawks, The Muppets and Ween, rootsy-punk from a charismatic duo. There’s a lot of kid’s music able to be enjoyed by both child and adult. Ratboy Jr is certainly in that discussion " Jeff/OWTK

“If Calvin & Hobbes had a soundtrack, this would be it. Ratboy Jr’s new album,Smorgasbord , has a classic rock sound with just enough mischief thrown in for good measure”-Boston Children's Music review

"Ratboy Jr. should be the official kindie rock summer soundtrack"-Nugget Island

"Charmingly ragged harmonies, warm brass, and a slightly jammy aesthetic all add up to a wonderfully down-to-earth listening experience that manages to feel as expansive as any Phish record while keeping every song under four minutes"-Jeff/Dadnabbit
"Ratboy Jr. is the new thing They've got charisma and charm. They've got hooks and stories that you will get stuck in your head. When you hear them you'll want your own Ratboy Jr., but you have to share them with everyone else." -Dean/ Dog on Fleas
"Super inventive, laid back tunes for the fam. I've never really heard anyone rock the slide whistle before, but Ratboy Jr. does it and does it well."-Amberly/Ages 3 and Up!
“Ratboy Jr. is top notch family entertainment and was truly a great addition to our stage.” -Ulster County Fair
“I don't know what's in Ratboy Jr.'s juice box, but I want some of it."-Uncle Rock

“Ratboy Jr. brings a mischievous wit and sublime humor to a blend of fresh freestyle and catchy acoustic guitar-smithery.” -The Chronogram
“Raw, organic, fun, songs.” -Rick/WKZE
“When Kidtopia needed a fun and dependable house band for our winter concert series, Ratboy Jr. was our first pick. I knew the way they connected with an audience would win people over and I was right.”-Mike/Kidtopia & WDST
“…their live shows have been at the very least celebratory affairs.”-Roll Magazine 

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