Friday, February 25, 2011

Think Globally-Play Locally: Best of The Weekend Bands, Art and Theatre

 Earwax-Wicker Park, Chicago

Friday-Eaxwax Cafe is closing after this weekend!    Check out the article in Huffington Post HERE.   This funky, fun diner has been a favorite of mine since I moved to Chicago in 1990.   We used to live in the same block as the owners.

My kids grew up on Earwax, from the time they were babies in slings.   As toddlers they went through a time where they called it Earwackies, and given a choice to choose a restaurant, they always requested to go there.   In fact, nearly 10 years later, it's still their favorite restaurant, bar none.   Sagezilla cried when she heard they were shutting their doors for good.

We have the fondest memories of their decadent French Toast, stuffed with pastry cream, and their veggie chili.    We have a lot of veg, vegan and omnivore friends, and this was a place we could all meet and eat.   The kids will never forget playing I Spy games with the freaky decor.   I spy a circus freak eating glass....I spy a giant dragon head.    Earwax, you will be dearly missed.

I went for lunch and there was only a 15 min. wait, but there was a line out the door by the time I finished a breakfast burrito and latte.   People were buying Earwax coffee cups and snapping phone shots.   I'll have a bunch of last goodbye photos (from my Canon) up soon.   The crowds may be outta control, now that we are down to the 3 day count down.   But we're going to try to duck in today after school for last time.

On a happier note......

Theater Wit is kickin' ass and takin' names.   They are in a new space that's been getting rave reviews (“The best new performance venue of 2010” 
— Kris Vire, Time Out Chicago), and they have a new show opening tonight called This.   

ChiIL Mama's going and will have a full review up soon, but if you wanna check it out yourself ASAP, they have generously offered totally FREE tickets to our readers for this weekend only.    And not just one lucky winner.   It's a free for ALL.   So get a sitter and come on out for a free theatre night out.   Parenting, sleep deprivation, and attraction to your friends' partners is way more funny when it's happening to someone else!   Read more details about the show HERE.

****Shows are 8:00pm on Friday and Saturday and 2:00pm Sunday.   Use our special code CHILLOUT when you reserve on line, for free tickets this weekend or $10 off subsequent shows (toward a babysitter).

Saturday & Sunday-

Come see High School a circus show. Inspired by real life experiences, this second annual youth created, directed, and produced circus show addresses ideas of individuality and the struggles of high school.   

Circus acts include juggling, gym wheel, trapeze, trampoline, and acrobatics and are presented by the CircusTeens. These young performers are part of CircEsteem's youth employment in the arts program that hires the most talented and skilled teen performers and teachers. Collectively, they have performed hundreds of shows throughout the United States, Germany, Switzerland and Argentina.  

Don't miss this great opportunity to support local, grassroots, youth created social circus in action.  

Saturday February 26 at 5:00 p.m. and Sunday February 27 at 3pm, at Alternatives Inc. 4730 N Sheridan, Chicago, IL.

Tickets are $10 for adults and $7 for kids. Tickets can be purchased at the door and all proceeds go directly to the CircusTeens.

Can't make it to the show?  Please help support this youth employment initiative and forward this email or make a donation to CircEsteem. 
Your gift really makes a difference! 

For more info, please contact CircEsteem at 312-731-HAHA or visit 

****As a Montessori family, we're all about DIY and child led events.   These remarkably talented teens wrote, directed, choreographed and handled most aspects of this show themselves!   They even designed the fliers.   Come support this excellent program.   We take classes at CircEsteem ourselves and highly recommend it as a magical, amazing place that nurtures and grows strong, creative kids.

Saturday-Dropkick Murphys and Naked Raygun (more Chi Town punk Dads who still know how to rock) at The Congress Theatre.  Naked Raygun, brought all their collective kids up on stage with 'em when they headlined Riot Fest in 2007.   

The kids were all in mini Naked Raygun T-shirts.   I wrote 'em later to see where I could get the tiny t's, but they said they only made a small run for their kids.   My littles are finally big enough to commandeer our Raygun wear, but hey.......if they ever do onesies or toddler t's, ChiIL Mama will let you know here first.   

Friend, follow and find 'em both on their main page links above or on Twitter and FB.

Hopefully The Congress stocked up on beer.   They vastly underestimated the drinking power of a capacity crowd at the sold out Motorhead/Clutch show last Saturday and ran out of everything but Bud light!   Despite the drinks dearth, the show was a rockin' good, high energy time.   ChiIL Mama will have a full view from the photo pit, slide show of stills, from Clutch's excellent set up soon.

*Crazy coincidences:   gotta love those freak meetings and chance encounters.   We ran into 3 old friends we've known close to 20 years, which wasn't so strange, but was a lotta fun.    Then things got weirder from there.......

I talked with a girl I'd never met, in the beer line, then later ran into her at Late Bar, only to find out she's a producer my husband knows and has worked with multiple times.   Dug ended up in the line to pee, right next to the dad of one of Sagezilla's, small, elite team of competitive gymnasts.   What are the odds?    With a capacity of 4,000 at The Congress, we couldn't have planed those meet ups if we tried!


Karen for Kids at Beat Kitchen-noon concert for kids.    Click HERE for more info.

The Earl (by Brett Neveu) at Red Orchid Theatre.   Click HERE for more show info.   The show ends March 2nd.   Catch it while you can.

Also Recommended:

SATURDAY:   The Bike Winter Swap and Sale
Join other bikers on Saturday, February 26 at the annual Chicago Cycle Swap presented by Active Transportation Alliance for a bike swap and sale at the Pulaski Park Field house (1419 W Blackhawk). Your $5 admission goes to benefit Bike Winter. There's still plenty of space if you'd like to have a table or sell a bike at the swap-visit: for more.

The Last Polar Adventure Day of This Winter

Polar Adventure Days
All ages. Free. Don't let winter slow you down - come out and enjoy it at the sixth annual Polar Adventure Days series. Watch as amazing ice sculptures are created, meet live animals, make winter-themed crafts, sip on hot cocoa, and much more. Don't forget to dress warm.
Date: 02/26/11
Start Time: 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Cost: free
Location : Northerly Island 
Designed to help Chicagoans of all ages experience the wonder of nature right here in the city, the Nature Oasis program was launched by the Chicago Park District in the summer of 2001. This exciting program is currently based at parks with large natural areas such as, Gompers, Humboldt, Jackson, Washington, Northerly Island and South Shore Cultural Center and works to increase environmental awareness by offering a wide range of nature-based programming throughout the seasons. These programs and events are planned so that you, your friends and family can come to a local park to get inspired, get in touch with nature, get your hands dirty or simply enjoy the beauty of the seasons.
Click HERE for ChiIL Mama's coverage from this excellent event last year.

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