Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Free (For ALL) Ticket Tuesday-Theatre and Concerts

It's a FREE FOR ALL...

We have something extra special for you this week.   Theater Wit has offered ALL ChiIL Mama readers a FREE parents night out for their first weekend of THIS, starting next Friday, February 25th!   To get your complimentary tickets, just use the code CHILLOUT when you reserve your tickets by phone at 773-975-8150 or at their website, HERE.

If folks can't make it to the first weekend, the code CHILLOUT will also pay for the first hour of babysitting ($10 off any subsequent performance).  For more information about Theater Wit and THIS, you can check out the website, http://www.theaterwit.org   

We'll be checking out the show Friday night and ChiIL Mama will have a full review for you.   For now, Jeremy Wechsler, the artistic director of Theater Wit, sent us this description of their current offering.


Melissa James Gibson's lovely play, THIS, is a kind of wry--mostly comic, but often very touching--play about a group of friends in their late thirties.  In the play, Jane has been widowed for a year and is still reeling from the premature death of her husband at only 35. Her best friend, Merrill has invited her to the first dinner party Merrill and her husband, Tom are throwing 12 weeks after after the birth of their first child (who only sleeps for 15 minutes at a time). They’re joined by a new friend of Merrill’s, Jean-Pierre, an expatriate Frenchman who works for Doctors without Borders. 

Merrill thinks it’s time that Jane came out of her shell and starts dating the charismatic Jean-Pierre. But after a party game misfires, Tom and Jane admit to an attraction that threatens to unravel their entire circle of friends. And it’s all wrapped up in playwright Melissa James Gibson’s astonishing knack for smart, witty and--above all--human dialogue.

THIS is full of some pretty pointed (and on the button observations) about the effects of exhaustion on new parents, and all those stresses that the first child engenders until everyone adjusts to each other (and sleeps). But the play is chiefly about thirty-somethings' struggles to finally assume and redefine the mantle of adulthood that children and marriages place on us all.  I’m not sure that, as a generation, we’ve embraced adulthood with any particular vigor. But we are now, surprisingly, the grownups in the room much to our astonishment and faint dismay.  

Theater Wit says ChiIL Mama readers are their kind of people and they'd 
value the feedback we could bring to the post-preview discussions.   They assure us the play is quite funny, so book a babysitter and come on out for a FREE theatre parents night out.   We're sure it will be an enjoyable evening all around. 

Family 4 Packs:

macbeth (4 tickets to a show of your choice-depending on availability, any Saturday morning at 11:00am through March 5th)   ChiIL Mama had the chance to check out this production last Saturday, and it was excellent!   We'll have a full review up this week.

****In order to maximize the number of possible productions our family 4 pack winners can choose from, we'll accept entries till midnight this Thursday 2/17 and announce our winner on Friday the 18th

CST invites you to Short Shakespeare!
a perfect introduction to the Bard for audiences of all ages.
Short Shakespeare! Macbeth is a theatrical, percussive world of swords, sound and the supernatural make Macbeth one of William Shakespeare's most spellbinding plays—and CST's 75-minute abridged production provides a perfect introduction to this legendary work.
Tickets are $16–$20 or as low as $12 per student (ages 18 and under) for parties of 10 or more. CST Patrons save 40% on parking at Navy Pier as well.

Karen 4 Kids (folk/rock/blues)--Family 4 Pack to another fun Concert for Kids at Beat Kitchen, noon, Sunday, February 27th

Enter below for your chance to win:

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