Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ABC Wednesday--F is for......

February 22nd-Time To Vote

First new Chicago mayor in over 20 years!

Finding the polling place.....not as easy as you might think.   

  • Last election, we were in the bank on the corner--torn down to build condos
  • Before that, it was the furniture store on Milwaukee Ave.--out of business & locked up
  • Back in the day, I even got to vote inside a firehouse, where the alarm rang, the firemen mobilized, and the trucks rolled out--lights flashing, all while I was voting.    It was more excitement than usual.
  • This time, we were in a small, used car dealership.   Hopefully it won't succumb to "the curse of the polling place" and will still be around next election!

I'm a Firm believer in voting.   Even if your candidate is not the
Front runner.    Too many people Fought too hard for the right to vote, for me to turn down the chance lightly.  Plus, even if your First choice doesn't win, you've Fought the good Fight, and done what you could.   If you don't vote, you Forgo all rights to complain about politics and policy! 

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  1. I like you get a receipt for voting. Our voting always takes place in infant schools (they get the day off).

  2. gotta say I was surprised at the outcome. As you undoubtedly know, Rahmbo had been thrown off the ballot, then allowed back on.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. i always feel, I don't know, almost refreshed after voting. Win or lose, I still feel great about being part of the process.
    Donna - ABC Team