Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Win A Disc (and book) Wednesday: Woebegone and 3 Dead Princes by Danbert Nobacon

Back in the day, Danbert Nobacon was likely to show up for a gig in a nun's habit or strip naked on stage.   Now he's a full time dad to ten year old twins, on an adventure of quite a different type, in small town Washington state.   ChiIL Mama's fascinated by how becoming parents influences people's creative careers and how creatives parent.   

Cultures are influenced and changed by our art, music, theatre and literature.   Past cultures are remembered by their arts.   And our future culture is shaped by our children.   Every 100 years-all new people.

ChiIL Mama interviewed Danbert Nobacon a couple weeks ago, at The Book Cellar in Chicago and we have that interview for you here, today. 

He had a double whammy of a book and CD release, which both fell in October (N is for Nobacon post).   This week we are giving away both 3 Dead Princes, and his new CD, Woebegone, Danbert Nobacon & The Bad Things.   Enter to win at the end of this post.   

While everyone's still in a devilish mood from Dia De Los Muertos and Halloween  we'll have a Nobacon Fest all week.   We have lots of footage of Danbert in novelist mode and as MC for The Devil's Ball at Martyr's on 10/17.   You'll get to meet Mr. Death (and see Nobacon hone his ventriloquism skills), and hear live tracks from his new release.   Check back with ChiIL Mama like we vote in Chicago--early and often.

If you missed ChiIL Mama's earlier review of 3 Dead Princes, you can check it out HERE.   

Nobacon's Wobegon CD is based on the novel "Damengeist or The Devil Came Down To Yorkshire" by Bebon Candorant, which is still a work in progress. This 14 track CD is quirky, complicated, and creative and will be appreciated by older kids and parents.

Nobacon gets into character and transforms into the itinerant twisted player, Johnny Woebegon who is "mixed up in the head and got mixed up in things way over his head".   This CD will take the listener time traveling forward and backward and across the globe from 1620 Hamburg, Germany to 2025 in Manchester, England, Langley, VA, Prague, Czech Republic and Halloween in Black Diamond, WA.   Listeners are then "rewound" to Chicago, IL in 1993 and "fast forwarded" as far into the future as 2092 in Atomica, NW.

According to The Journals of Bebon Candorant, "Music is imbued with potential energy, and the atoms therein, if arranged in the right configuration, combine as that energy transforms kinetically.   In this way the listener can be transported.   The transportation is figurative, of course, but some tell of the odd occasions when it is literal.   Real."

If you're ready to time travel with anarchists, gypsy punks, and Bad Things, while reading about snarky anarchist princesses and adventures led by a Fool,  enter here to win.   You know the drill--one entry per family per week.   Enter through Tuesday midnight.   Winner will be chosen by   Entry info won't be sold, shared or written on bathroom walls.   We also have 2 more copies of Woebegone to give away in subsequent weeks.   Good luck!

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