Monday, November 22, 2010

Win 5 Hardback Books From Picture Window Books-Day 4--Hello Goodbye and a very little lie

I'll admit it.   I gave birth to the child who actually looked me in the eye and told me "The dog did it." when she left the water running in the bathroom sink, as a toddler.   This delightfully charming book had us all laughing out loud.   Author Christianne Jones pairs up with illustrator Christine Battuz to bring us this very cute rendition of a hard lesson learned.

We all enjoyed the vibrant, funky art work and patterns that pop off the page.   The details may vary, but anyone who lives with and loves children will find the very little lie familiar.

Hello, Goodbye, and a Very Little Lie (Hardcover) $16.99

Reading Level: K-3Interest Level: PreK-1
by Christianne C. Jones
Picture Window Books
Larry lies about everything. Find out what he does when he gets caught in one of his lies.

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Little Boost books tackle early life lessons in a funny and relatable manner. From learning to share to telling lies, life isn't easy. These picture books include many teachable moments, which is an important element in a children's book. Caregivers will be able to engage young children with an entertaining story while introducing and instilling important life skills. These books are sure to give everyone a little boost!

Want your own copy of this fun tale?   Leave a comment below with one lie you or your children have been busted telling, 
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  1. Cordia gets busted for lying everyday. She looks at people straightfaced and tells them she is 6, she blames things on Cayetano, Raoul and the dogs and cats or just tells me she didn't do it right after I watch her do something.

  2. My daughter whose 4 once blamed something first on the cat and when I said the cat did not do whatever it was, she then said, it must have been daddy then. Yea, right! I don't even remember what she was lying about, but her responses to my questions will always stay with me.

  3. Once I asked my son if he had been using the markers and he said no....funny though that his hands were full of marker ink! Thanks for the chance,