Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bacon Fest--Nobacon Fest

We've covered Vegan Mania, and in the interest of fair reporting (and at the risk of vegan ire!), we'll be covering Chicago's Baconfest, too.   Now in it's 2nd year, Baconfest Chicago is slated for April 9th, 2011.  That's far in the future, however.   

This week we're bringing you Nobacon fest.   We have a Tuesday full of Danbert Nobacon live videos from The Devil's Ball at Martyr's in Chicago in October.   We're leading up to ChiIL Mama's Win A Disc Wednesday tomorrow when you can win his new book and CD.   Enter HERE to win through midnight tonight.   Tomorrow we'll be announcing our winner of 3 Dead Princes and Woebegone.

In subsequent weeks, we'll have 2 more copies of Woebegone to give away, and more footage from Danbert Nobacon's book reading and mini acoustic performance at The Book Cellar in Chicago.

If you didn't get a chance to check out our Nobacon interview, click HERE.   Danbert still eats no bacon, but concedes that he does eat some fish nowadays.   His daughter, however, loves bacon, like someone else I know, who sprang from at least one vegetarian parent...

Danbert was personable and fun to meet, and I can completely relate to the bacon munching spawn and the family food dilemma.   During the book signing, Nobacon said that they decided to leave personal veg versus meat choices up to the kids.    That's what we decided, too.    From 1989 for a bit over 10 years, I was a complete and conscientious vegetarian.   Then I fell for a self described meatatarian!

As a couple, we maintained middle ground and each made some concessions, like no red meat cooking at home. But when we reproduced, I fed the kids healthy veg food throughout baby hood and most of toddler hood, and we vowed to let them choose once they got bigger.   Then came the day I was out and Dug was holding a 1 year old Sagezilla in one hand and a big, multi layered red meat sandwich half from work in the other.    When he picked up the phone to talk to me, and transferred the cheese steak, Italian sausage fest onto the baby side, the rest was history!

All I heard was this little voice going, "Mmmmmm.    MMMMMMMHHHH.   MHHHH.    MORE!!!!"   And then Dug saying, "Oh no.   Honey......    Please don't kill me.   The baby's devouring my meat sub.    She's chowing down on it!   I can't get it out of her hands!   What do I do?    Oh man.   I'm gonna have to make myself something else to eat.    The baby just ate my whole half a sandwich!!"

I sighed, and told him he was changing those diapers for the next couple days!   What can ya do?   Our 9 year old son and I still don't eat red meat except every very great once in a while, and he won't touch bacon.   And 7 years later, our daughter...is still a bacon freak. 

For all the bacon and Nobacon freaks out there...vegans, vegetarians and carnivores can all enjoy our Tuesday Nobacon feast.    Don't forget to enter to win 3 Dead Princes and Woebegone through midnight tonight.

Bacon or Nobacon...That is the question.

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