Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Win 5 Hardback Books Wednesday: Picture Window Children's Books

We know reading rocks!   So we're offering 5 lucky winners great hardback children's books from Picture Window Books, a capstone imprint.   ChiIL Mama will be reviewing a book a day, on the 5 weekdays that "bookend" Chicago's Bookamania at Harold Washington Library this Saturday.   

Check in daily for a new review and new chance to win.   Families can enter once for every book they're interested in.   

Enter through Tuesday midnight.   All 5 winners will be chosen and announced Wednesday, November 24th.   Enter at the bottom of this review.

 Today's book is In One Ear Out the Other ($16.99).   It's a fabulously funny monster book by Michael Dahl, that will amuse parents as much as early readers.   The kids and I all loved the colorful, wacky art by Migy.

This silly little monster, Bud, is big fun.  He just doesn't listen, like certain someones at so many of our homes.   He manages to annoy his family by not helping out when asked.   And he struggles in school because the teacher's questions go in one ear and out the other.   Then he misses out on good stuff, like a big monster party, by not listening.   Check out this brand new 2011 release to see how Bud creatively overcomes his problem.   Your little ones will be introduced to better listening habits in a humorous way, and find a new meaning for "put a sock in it".  They'll even learn what an idiom is. 

In One Ear, Out the Other (Hardcover) 

by Michael Dahl
Picture Window Books
Bud (the monster) has a listening problem. Everything goes in one ear, and out the other. What will his parents do to fix this problem?

Check out the Picture Windows site for all 4 titles in this series and ordering information.


Do you want to win your own copy of In One Ear Out the Other ($16.99)?  Leave a comment below, telling us who in your family most resembles Bud and why, and include your first name and e-mail.   Then follow ChiIL Mama on Twitter or Networked blogs, or subscribe via RSS. Good luck!


  1. Well, hi! Bud certainly resembles our dog, Floyd, who has goofy ears and doesn't listen at all!


  2. I follow you on twitter (@justicecw) and I will say he resembles my son who has trouble listening sometimes! Thanks for the chance,

  3. I'd like to enter to win (one entry for each book). I haven't read any of them yet...but we LOVE books! We'll be at Book-a-Mania on Saturday...maybe we can meetup! :-) (Sarah D & Molly - "host" for Book-a-Mania on CMC Meetup group).

  4. We are all a little like Bud in our house. Probably more so Cordia though since she is at the age where she is really testing her independance and not wanting to listen.

  5. Hello hello. Well, I'd love to say Nemo is Bud, cause he so often completely spaces what I'm saying, even while answering me. But then again, I listen intently and forget things almost immediately, so I'm not sure I can take the high ground here. I wish I had Natalie's funny eared dog to pin it on. I think it's him.

  6. Hmm, I know I answered this one already, but my comment isn't showing up now. It is a toss up between my 2 year old and my hubby. My husband is not a great listener, but he does help out when asked, so yea, I guess it is my 2 year old who is most like Bud. Nicole (nmfoster1 on Twitter as your follower and gnfoster at gmail dot com)

  7. Would LOVE to win this for a couple of kids who CANNOT stop drawing monsters—especially when it's dinner time and they need to clear their art supplies off the table! So, BOTH of my boys resemble Bud— it's like they each have 3 eyes that they cannot take off of what they're creating to listen with their ears to their Mom's pleading to take a break from their monsters!
    All of these books look great, ChIL Mama! Thanks for the opportunity to win!