Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weekend: Uproar on the Lakeshore

Roller Derby is good, family fun.   We've done a number of post over the years, covering bouts and featuring families who go see the Windy City Rollers 

as well as Moms who are on the teams.

Windy City Rollers Mamas Rock

The last bout we went to, we sat by this fun, roller derby skatin' mama from St. Louis, in Chicago to visit family.

And we met this family of fans whose Mom just started skating with Derby Lite.

This weekend brings something really special.   Chicago is hosting the championships.   We got priced out at $75.00 a pop for 3 day passes.   That's a big chunk o change for a family of 4!   But we still want to support The Windy City Rollers, and get the word out.   It's going to be a fast skating, action packed weekend.   Come out and support our athletes if you can, or follow the action on line.  

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