Monday, October 18, 2010

October-Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer now affects an average of 1 out of 8 women.   A close relative of ours just had surgery this month for breast cancer, and it really brought home the fear, frustration, physical and emotional impact that breast cancer causes families.   The increased awareness of cancers and early screenings is important, but so is getting to the source, and working to rid our environments of carcinogens.   If you have an hour tomorrow, join our friends at Moms Rising for an hour webinar, to discuss eco-friendly ways to reduce your family's risk.

Moms Rising says, what's orange, yellow, and pink all over? The month of October! Fall's here with orange pumpkins, yellow leaves-- and the "think pink" campaign of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Everything is adorned with pink ribbons, from yogurt cups to NFL football helmets. But our friends at the Breast Cancer Fund know that it's not enough to just be aware of breast cancer. We need to start preventing this disease and protect our families from cancer!

Please join MomsRising and the Breast Cancer Fund for a free and important webinar briefing to learn about practical ways to protect your family from cancer causing toxins

Join us tomorrow for a free and important webinar. We’ll talk about how parents can make safer purchases and choices for their families and participate in a larger movement to protect children from toxic exposures.
RSVP Today space is limited!
Join us! Space is limited to RSVP for this important webinar today:

DATE: October 19th
TIME: 4pm PST, 7 pm EST
Webinar-- click here to register!

This hour-long, web-based presentation, based on the Breast Cancer Fund’s report "2010 State of the Evidence: The Connection between Breast Cancer and the Environment," will emphasize the newest science connecting exposure to unsafe chemicals and radiation to increased risk of breast cancer. This important report catalogues the growing evidence linking breast cancer to, among other factors, synthetic hormones in cosmetics and meat; pesticides in food; solvents in household cleaning products; BPA in food containers; flame retardants in furniture; and radiation from medical treatments. We know exposures early in life are linked to breast cancer later in life and other health concerns, which means it’s especially important to protect children from environmental chemicals and radiation.

Please pass this invitation along to your friends and family-- it's free and important.

Here's the link to RSVP again:
Together we are a powerful voice for moms, kids and families!

--Sarah, Anita, Claire, Kristin, Joan and the whole team

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