Sunday, October 3, 2010

I ♥ Faces--Dinner Recipes

Ever have an opposite day with breakfast for dinner?   We love to do that every once in a while.   The kids get a kick out of it and always eat well.   You're never too grown up to enjoy a good stack of pancakes, an omelet, or French Toast for dinner.

This week, in lieu of a  judged contest, I ♥ Faces is looking for dinner recipes expressed in photos.   And in the spirit of opposite day, we offer you one of our favorite breakfast dinners--Swedish Kringle, along with a bunch of fun photos and some social commentary thrown in.   These can be shaped into just about anything you can imagine, just in time for Halloween.   Click HERE and enjoy!

We recently shared this recipe with the kids' school, for a multicultural heritage cookbook, that will be sold as a fundraiser.   We had a delicious school wide potluck where everyone made a dish to share and brought a recipe.    Everyone brought their own utensils, and we used large water and juice jugs, versus bottled drinks, to keep it eco-friendly

Click the link below to check in at I ♥ Faces for more yummy ideas expressed through photography.

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