Monday, October 25, 2010

i ♥ Faces--Pink Week (Breast Cancer Awareness)

It's breast cancer awareness week over at i ♥ Faces.   This is our lovely friend, Marla, the Vegan Cupcake Fairy, to remind us that healthy eating, exercise, and clean living can go a long way toward healing our bodies and our world.   If only there were a cancer fairy, who could wave her healing wand and painlessly zap those mutating cells, and leave you with a tasty cupcake for good measure.   The reality of detecting, treating and living with cancer is much more difficult.

If the stats hold true (and why should they--many other illnesses, especially environmentally linked maladies, are on the rise!) 1 out of every 8 women alive today will develop breast cancer during their life times.   And it's not just a girl can get breast cancer, too.

Please see your doctor for early detection and do the research to eliminate as many carcinogenic toxins from your home and your neighborhood as you can.   This affects us all.   The fate of the planet is your fate.   Please be part of the solution as we work toward finding a cure and toward access to quality treatment for all, regardless of income level.


  1. How fun!!! She looks like such a fun lady.
    Amen to the sentiment of a fairy waving her wand and zapping those nasty cancer cells!

  2. Who knew there was a cupcake fairy? Such a fun picture!...