Friday, October 22, 2010

The Field Museum Gold Exhibit Opens Today! Check Out The History, Mystery, Magic and Science of Gold.

I had the pleasure of previewing The Field Museum's Gold Exhibit which will open to the public today and will run October 22-March 6th.   I was especially taken with the impressive melding of science, poetry, ancient culture, and modern ceremony.   We'll continue to post gold nuggets of information throughout the run of this intriguing exhibit.   Come learn about the tears of the sun, the seahorse nugget, and how a thin veneer of gold protects astronauts from heat and light.


This exhibit combines history, mystery, poetry and science, all centered around that magical mineral, gold.   Kids can even step on a scale and find out what "worth your weight in gold" literally means.   Where else can you see real Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, Olympic Gold Medals, and The White Sox World Series Trophy in one room?! 

At the preview, a lucky class of 5th graders from St. Paul-Our Lady of Vilna school in Pilsen, were able to enter with the press.   They were suitably impressed with the exhibit.   Adults and older kids will find plenty to fascinate.   Check out their web site for details about this golden opportunity.

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