Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday: ChiILin' At The Chicago Gourmet Fest

Gourmet decor

The last weekend of September, ChiIL Mama enjoyed a warm and gorgeous fall day at Chicago Gourmet, interviewing families and sampling some of the best food and drinks Chicago has to offer.   We've pulled a sample of the day in yellow, for our favorite Monday Meme.   A full color feature, complete with interviews is soon to come.

It's gourmet, baby

Just because people become parents, it doesn't mean they are doomed to a decade of turkey dogs and PBJs with their.   Parental palates deserve delicious delicacies as much as anyone else.   If you're dropping cash for a sitter, you especially want to make the most of your evening out.   Chicago Gourmet is a world-class celebration of the city's rich culinary heritage, that took place in Millennium Park from September 24-26, 2010. 

Guests enjoyed food, wine, spirits and beer tastings, celebrity chef demos, educational seminars, book signings and more. An exclusive Grand Cru wine tasting was featured on Saturday and Sunday and the Bon Appétit and Chicago Gourmet Dine Around brought the event into some of the best restaurants in the city.

Gourmet sippy cups

Mark your calendars for Chicago Gourmet, next year in Millennium Park, September 23-25.   Chicago Gourmet tickets sell out, and this is one decadently delightful fest.

Click the link below to enjoy more mellow yellow fun from across the globe.


  1. Awesome getaway you got in your family. Wish we lived in Chicago to attend. :)

    Hearts content

  2. The decoration is cute and so is your baby in that stroller too.