Saturday, November 4, 2017

NATIONWIDE GIVEAWAY: 3 Great Gigamic Games Plus Yogi and Wazabi Reviews

Here at ChiIL Mama, my family has a lifelong love of games, and Gigamic makes some of our favorites that are perfect for stocking stuffers, gifts, and holiday entertaining. Last fall they sent us complimentary games for review purposes and for a giveaway for our readers, and we're pleased to partner up with them again in 2017. 

My kids are busy teens now, so we treasure family game time even more. This year we got a kick out of trying out Wazabi and Yogi. My 16 year old son is the VP of his high school card game club and he took Wazabi in and it was a hit! My 14 year old daughter is a limber gymnast and one of only 2 freshman to make the varsity competitive poms squad, so of course she won Yogi, hands down. Still, the rest of us had a blast playing too.

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Yogi Review:

The teens and I played Yogi and it was a hoot! The younger, more flexible players had a distinct advantage on this one, but it's possible for players with a range of ages and physical abilities to enjoy.

The kids got a kick out of numerous pop culture references in the cards including video game parodies, movies, playwrights, famous people, and more. By the time we had a winner, my abs were aching from laughing so hard at the hilarious cards, absurd positions, and impossible twists and turns of this game.

Pros: It's a fun workout and a load of laughs.
Cons: This is a tougher one to play fairly with the family. At least in our family, the teens always won it. If they took it to circus arts rehearsals or gymnastics or poms teams though, I'll bet the kids would have had some tough competition.

Wazabi Review:

We invited the grandparents to join us for a 3 generation bout of Wazabi and it was a resounding success. Everyone laughed and enjoyed the game and each other's company. My daughter won this one the most often too, though as a game of chance, the playing field was more level for multigenerational play. 

It's quick and easy to pick up, yet complex enough to be fun and challenging even for teens and adults. There are even insidious little notes at the bottom of cards that prevented a few wins. There's certainly strategy involved, but the luck of the draw and the whims of your fellow players can empty your hand of cards or swap out your dice pile for a much bigger one, at a moment's notice.

Pros: It comes with a sweet drawstring bag for on the go play.
Cons: The draw a card and give a dice away icons on the die are quite similar so it was easy to mix them up.

We highly recommend Gigamic Games as educational, a lot of laughs, and great for making family memories. 

For more information on Wazabi, click HERE.

Get Your Games:
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Disclosure: Once again, it's a pleasure to partner up with Gigamic Games on this sponsored post. We have been compensated for sharing this product with our readers. Thanks to Gigamic for providing complimentary games for review purposes and for our giveaway. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I cannot get past the "so of course she won Yogi, hands down" statement. No kidding... she used her feet! LOL Thanks for the great explanation and pointing out some little details that many people might miss!