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Disturbia Haunted House Review

Guest post by Jane Zawadowski exclusive to

Disturbia: Screams in the Park is shriek out loud, laugh out loud, heart pounding fun. It's located at Rosemont in the basement level of the parking garage at MB Financial Park at Rosemont (5501 Park Place) and open through November 1. 

Located in the basement of a parking garage, “Disturbia” gets instant points for its site. Haunted prisons and insane asylums abound, but the lower level of a parking ramp scares me any day of the year. As soon as we parked the car, we were wondering whether the experience had started yet.

Of course, it doesn’t start until you pass the ticket booth, and once at the entrance we were thoughtfully startled, then menaced by dutiful clowns and blood spattered, intimidating thugs while we waited our turn in line to descend into the unknown.

The experience itself will not leave you sleepless or traumatized. You probably won’t have nightmares unless you are indulging a standard phobia. On this score, “Disturbia” does not disappoint. I am claustrophobic, saw it coming, and still struggled to get through the “smothered in a small space” encounter without losing it and flipping out, but for $25, I expect to get my heart rate up. 

It is possible to be separated from your friends if you aren’t paying attention, which clearly caused stress to the women in front of us who kept yelling for their lost comrade. It is possible to be startled, startled, and startled again, the bread and butter of any haunted house. 

Interiors are often visually interesting and attention has been paid to creating texture in the environment. Sand on the floor, doors you must push past, sets you must walk around, and lighting tricks keep things interesting enough that everything feels unexpected.

In the end, “Disturbia” is a typical walk through haunted house, with a familiar format and some novel touches mixed in with old, tried and true standbys. “Prisoners” behind cages will bang and yell, clowns will stomp up to you and scream, there will be at least one dismembered “body” on a bloody table, but there will be enough surprises here that it won’t feel like the same old thing unless you are a Halloween Scrooge that refuses to be scared by anything.

“Disturbia” is a decently executed take on the quintessential haunted house experience that we have all come to know, love, and ask ourselves why we thought this was a good idea in the first place once we get to the front of the line.


Haunt Features 20,000 Square Feet of Terror With More Than 35 Rooms Where Guests’ Determine Their Fate

Only the bravest should dare to enter Disturbia: Screams in the Park at Rosemont in the basement level of the parking garage at MB Financial Park at Rosemont (5501 Park Place). There are terrors every step of the way in this immersive haunted house experience, where guests become part of an interactive world of horror, complete with an industry-unique entry that sucks guests into the haunt—whether they are ready or not.  Disturbia: Screams in the Park will remain open through Saturday, Nov. 1. 

Disturbia: Screams in the Park is a product of Joseph and Mike Pantano, who previously ran Disturbia Torment of Fears in Addison, Ill., which was voted number one in Haunted House Chicago’s 2009 and 2010 Patron’s Choice Awards. The brothers brought the highly interactive nature and high quality sets of Disturbia to Rosemont’s Screams in the Park to create the ultimate horror experience—Disturbia: Screams in the Park. The haunts at Disturbia: Screams in the Park progressively grow to be deeper and darker, leaving its guests in the Pits of Hell by the time they exit the haunt.   

Even past visitors of Screams in the Park will find their fortitude tested as they traverse the possessed and unpredictable halls of pure evil at Disturbia: Screams in the Park. The 2014 haunted house features new sets and a remodeled floor plan, in addition to brand new characters and scares that are sure to place guests in an unescapable real life nightmare.

Tickets and More Information
Disturbia: Screams in the Park is an indoor environment that operates rain or shine. General admission tickets are $25.  VIP tickets, which allow ticket holders to skip the line and gain immediate entrance to the haunted house, are also available for $35. A minimum age of 13 is recommended and parental discretion is advised.  Visitors are encouraged to buy their tickets in advance at Walk-up tickets will be available on site.  The haunted house is open from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. on the following upcoming days:
  • October 16 – 19
  • October 22 – 26
  • October 28 – 31
  • November 1
Parking is free with validation from the haunted house ticket booth.  From inside the parking garage, follow the signs to The MB Financial Park main elevators located in the middle of the parking garage and push “LL” to descend down into the underground world of Disturbia: Screams in the Park.

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