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Chicago Gets Kurios With Cirque Du Soleil's Latest and Greatest #Review #Kurios #‎ChiILPicksList

Here at ChiIL Mama/ChiIL Live Shows, it was our absolute pleasure to catch the Chicago opening of Kurios-Cabinet of Curiosities. We've seen just about every Cirque du Soleil show, and had high expectations. I'm thrilled to say Kurios greatly exceeded them. This production is visually stunning, crazy creative, and a whimsically welcome break from reality. Highly recommended for all ages. 

From the moment the stage clock locked in at the magical time of 11:11 they had me. I was enthralled, as a ragtag band of 19th century passengers debarked a steam train, and filled the tent with hours of endless wonders, all before the clock clicked over to 11:12! 

All Pictures credit: © Martin Girard
Costume credit: Philippe Guillotel

Kurios is fast paced and phantasmagorical, with a charming steampunk aesthetic. We adored the nod to the 19th century past, circus side show vibe, with a strong man, a midget, and other iconic jugglers, percussionists, dancers, and characters. 

We were also enthralled with the magical mini acts, like an invisible circus and hand "puppet" show, within the story line. The stunning costumes, grace, and live, original music Cirque du Soleil is renowned for were still present. Yet, Kurios was more playful, edgy and fun than many of their recent productions. The Kurios tunes are earworms of the finest order, and the only cure is to play them again and again.

Written and directed by Michel Laprise, the new touring production will premiere under the iconic blue-and-yellow Big Top at United Center beginning August 6, 2015


Cirque du Soleil returns to Chicago after four years with its newest touring show, KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities™ , performing under the iconic blue-and-yellow Big Top at the United Center parking lot, 1901 W. Madison Street, August 6 – September 20, 2015. Tickets are available for purchase by visiting or calling 1-877-9 CIRQUE (1-877-924-7783). Tickets range from $35 - $145.


KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities premiered to the world in Montréal in April 2014 and is Cirque du Soleil’s 35th production. Since its debut, the critics have been raving: “KURIOS is Cirque du Soleil's strongest act in years…one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen on a stage” (Toronto Star) and "KURIOS is the best Cirque du Soleil show in a long time.” (San Francisco Chronicle).

Written and directed by Michel Laprise, KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities is a tale in which time comes to a complete stop, transporting the audience inside a fantasy world where everything is possible. In this realm set in the latter half of the nineteenth century, reality is quite relative indeed as our perception of it is utterly transformed. The name of the show refers to the humble and strange characters that inhabit the Seeker’s Cabinet of Curiosities.

In an alternate yet familiar past, in a place where wonders abound for those who trust their imagination, a Seeker discovers that in order to glimpse the marvels that lie just below the surface, we must first learn to close our eyes. In his larger-than-life curio cabinet, the Seeker is convinced that there exists a hidden, invisible world – a place where the craziest ideas and the grandest dreams lie waiting. A collection of otherworldly characters suddenly steps into his makeshift mechanical world. When the outlandish, benevolent characters turn his world upside down with a touch of poetry and humor in an attempt to ignite the Seeker’s imagination, his curios jump to life one by one before his very eyes.

Michel Laprise
Michel Laprise worked in theatre for nine years as an actor, director and artistic director before joining Cirque du Soleil in 2000. At Cirque du Soleil, Michel spent five years as a talent scout before taking on, in 2006, the role of Special Events Designer. In that capacity, he directed the act with Quebec diva Diane Dufresne during the Opening Ceremonies of the Montreal 2006 Outgames; the large-scale performance event created for the launch of the Fiat Bravo in Italy (2007); the Cirque du Soleil performance event celebrating Quebec City’s 400th anniversary (2008); the launch of Microsoft’s Kinect console at the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo, broadcast on MTV; the opening show at the Eurovision Song Contest held in Russia in 2009; and the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 FIBA International Basketball Federation World Championships in Istanbul. In 2012, Michel collaborated with pop star Madonna, providing artistic direction for her performance at the Super Bowl XLVI halftime show; he later went on to direct her MDNA tour. In 2013, he directed the musical Robin des Bois – Ne renoncez jamais.

Creative team
The creative team of KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities consists of 17 creators under the artistic guidance of Guy Laliberté (Guide) and Jean-François Bouchard (Creative Guide):

Michel Laprise                   Writer and Director
Chantal Tremblay             Director of Creation
Stéphane Roy                    Set and Props Designer
Philippe Guillotel              Costume Designer
Raphaël Beau                    Composer and Musical Director
Bob & Bill                             Composers and Musical Directors
Yaman Okur                       Choreographer
Ben Potvin                          Choreographer
Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui         Choreographer
Susan Gaudreau               Choreographer
Andrea Ziegler                  Choreographer
Jacques Boucher              Sound Designer
Jean-Michel Caron          Sound Designer
Martin Labrecque            Lighting Designer
Rob Bollinger                     Acrobatic Performance Designer
Germain Guillemot         Acrobatic Performance Designer
Boris Verkhovsky             Acrobatic Performance Designer
Danny Zen                          Acrobatic Equipment and Rigging Designer
Eleni Uranis                        Makeup Designer

Sponsors and partners
KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities   in Chicago is proud to be presented by  Visa Signature, in association with  United Mileage Plus. We also gratefully acknowledge our official sponsors  XEROX, DHL, ACTIVEON Action Camera as well as Affiliate Partner MEXICO.

Cirque du Soleil
KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities is Cirque du Soleil’s 35th production since 1984. The company, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2014, has brought wonder and delight to close to 150 million spectators in more than 300 cities on six continents. Cirque du Soleil has close to 4,000 employees, including 1,300 performing artists from close to 50 different countries.

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We were dazed and bemused. This show is pure genius. Make time to see KURIOS by Cirque du Soleil in Chicago. Don't miss THIS! ChiIL Live Shows On Our Radar.

Beyond amazing! #Kurios killed it! If you're debating, GO already. 
This is the real deal. ChiIL Mama's #ChiILPicksList

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  1. I'm so glad I found a review like this! I've been debating since I've only seen one other Cirque du Soleil show and it was in Vegas. But I think you've convinced me to get tickets :)