Tuesday, March 19, 2013

FLICK PICKS: Oz The Great And Powerful Extended Clip #Disney

Have you seen it yet?   This is certainly one to catch on the big screen!   I have fond memories of growing up with the original Wizard of Oz as an annual TV event, back in the day.   We'd get to stay up late, break out the popcorn and sleeping bags and get creeped out by flying monkeys.   It was magical and epic.

My kids can't imagine a world without DVDs, On Demand, and video games.   When I tell them about growing up before TV remotes, cable and even microwaves they ask me wide eyed if phones had been invented yet.   "Well, yeah," I laugh.  "They did invent phones, a loooong time before my childhood.   But you had to dial them in a circle with your finger, and stand next to them, a few feet from where they plugged into the wall.   And cell phones and video chats and Skype were science fiction!   

Imagine what the entertainment world will be like for their kids in 20 years or so.   They'll be telling their own "back in the day" stories about when Oz The Great and Powerful first came out, back before holodeck rooms and projection glasses were standard.   And I'll bet it will still be a beloved classic.

Maybe we'll be watching it on screens in our flying car or teleporting to the retro movie fest at The Logan Theatre or Music Box to see it.   As I sit in yet another Chi-town lock down traffic jam, one can only dream...

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