Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome McKenna-American Girl Doll of The Year 2012! (photo filled recap)

"Mom, this is my best day EVER!" my daughter enthused today after our fun filled visit to American Girl Place in downtown Chicago, at Water Tower Place today.   

It was the meet McKenna, American Girl Doll of The Year 2012, party.  The newest member of the American Girl family has a lot in common with my little gymnast.   They're both level 4, entering 4th grade, and all about being strong.  

They've both spent time in a leg cast & on crutches due to a gymnastics related injury!   McKenna's cast even has our last name (MARA) prominently signed at the top...


The coincidences were so great that Sagezilla was theorizing that Pleasant Company is watching her and her team mates and immortalizing them as dolls!

You could say, McKenna is a doll we can relate to!   

We came home with the cast/crutches/panda set, with a cool purple ace bandage.   And we also couldn't resist the doll sized gym bag full of miniature snacks, money, ID, school and gymnastics papers and a water bottle.   

The party was a fun one.   We enjoyed a gymnastics demo by the talented girls from Skyline Gymnastics.   

Then Sage made an "encouragment mirror" and a dream bracelet at the free craft tables.   We both searched both floors of the impressive huge store for the scavenger hunt items and earned a McKenna poster.   Then we were excited to find that everyone who stopped by customer service got a free, white, doll sized gymnastics duffle.

We can't wait to check out more upcoming McKenna events and activities.   Click here for the Chicago schedule.  McKenna raises the bar for American Girl Doll fans and she'll vault into your hearts, floor you with her sweet accessories, and leave your favorite girl beaming.  

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