Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chicago's F.A.M.E. Benefit at Rockit Ranch Still Seeking Performers Through Feb 15th!

Chicago's F.A.M.E. Benefit at Rockit Ranch is coming up soon on March 8th. The foundation is currently reviewing auditions for a few more performance slots in that show. The link is here : http://fame-chicago.org/3.html.  The event is being promoted by Chicago's Billy Dec & Windy City Live, so it should be an amazing night! FAME has started up to raise money to provide grants and scholarships for Chicago children in the arts.

Steffan, a young Chicago actor, model, and musician was asked to be one of the performers at the Chicago's F.A.M.E. Benefit at Rockit Ranch on March 8th.  He has his roots in musical theatre, but last year he was pulled away a bit from that when he was cast one of only five kids from thousands of auditions from across the country to represent KidzBop. 

We've corresponded with his mom, via e-mail, and plan to do an in depth feature soon.   According to her, KidsBop has been an incredible opportunity for him, but his true dream is to share his original work as a solo artist one day. He is an incredible musician who reads & writes music. He has six original songs in the copyright process right now. Steffan actually plays six instruments -- guitar, piano, cello, french horn, ukulele & percussion.

His mom also acknowledged that some of our edgier readers are bound to consider KidzBop "kind of mainstream fluff that sometimes gets a bad wrap." However, she wisely states that those who would bash it are never the people who it's created for. The idea is to take the mainstream music that parents & older teen siblings are listening to, and make a (non-swearing/non-negative) version of those songs that are more appropriate for younger kids. She told us Steffan is really having a blast with it. But, he has more of a personal edge for music. His all time favorite band/singer is Christofer Drew - NeverShoutNever.   You can check him out in action right here.   

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