Thursday, January 5, 2012

(show photos/metal) Macabre-Yakuza-Novembers Doom-A Corporate Death

It was a happy headbanger happening as Holiday of Horrors rocked Reggie's Rock Club December 23rd.   Unfortunately my lens broke during the first band, and we tweaked it enough to shoot, but I had to replace it right after that.   Good thing Santa came the next night and had me on the good list.   The bands were all a lot of fun.   Yakuza, in particular, has been one of our favorites for years.   And it was interesting to check out A Corporate Death-also Bruce Lamont.    

We had another bonus.  We grabbed a table on the 2nd floor, while trying to fix my lens, and ended up meeting the wife and 8 year old daughter of the lead singer of Novembers Doom.   His daughter's in 3rd grade, like Sagezilla, and couldn't have been more excited to see her Dad sing!   We're hoping to catch up with the whole fam for a video interview soon.

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