Friday, March 4, 2016

Taft's AC Pom Squad Takes Platinum

Congrats to Taft's Academic Center 7th & 8th grade Pom Squad on their Platinum 1st Place WIN!

This awesome 12 member squad kicked bootie with their self choreographed entry and took home the PLATINUM and a cool plaque for their school! The awards were hours after the competition so only 4 of 12 made it back to claim their winnings, but they all got ribbons and pins at their following wrap party.

They also got a certificate for great energy and enthusiasm.

Big congrats Eagles!

Also congrats to my daughter, Sage, and her teammate Gabby, who were voted in by the 8th graders and coaches to be the 2 Pom Squad Leaders for next school year 2016-17!! Your hard work, dedication, skill and friendliness have paid off.

When the girls were warming up in the hall before the competition a woman came up to them and plunked right down on the floor in the splits and began stretching with Sage's team. She told the girls that she's SEVENTY NINE years old and still makes lifestyle choices so she's maintained her flexibility! She told them "Don't get stuck." Awesome advice from an inspiring woman.

There are few forces on earth as enthusiastic and giggly as a team of 12 & 13 year old girls all hepped up on winning! Congrats again. Well done.

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