Tuesday, September 15, 2015

REVIEW: Simplify Your Pill Schedule With The Medisafe App #AD #iOS, #Android, #mHealth

Life is complicated, but daily pill schedules don't have to be. We're excited to introduce our readers to an easy app for Android or iOS, that ends the double dosing or pill skipping woes. It's confusing and frustrating not to remember if you took medicine or not, and it's happened to me more times than I can count.

I received compensation for my work on this campaign. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. 

Medisafe brings peace of mind to the 2 million people who use it, as well as the people who care about them.

Download the app here:

Medisafe makes order out of chaos. Relieve Medication Frustration!

I'm a member of the sandwich generation, adults with aging parents and dependents still at home. Our family has two children and 5 grandparents in their 70's. At this juncture, our respective parents have to remember a medicine chest full of pills on a daily basis, at a time in life when memory is sometimes unreliable. I've been out with my parents many times as their phone alerts buzz and they remind each other it's medication time.

I recently had a bout with chronic hives myself and had to take 14 doses of various antihistamines daily. I'm a busy mom of two, running my own business, and it was tough to remember to take my own pills on time, and whether I'd done it yet or not, multiple times a day, and I'm a generation younger! And lookout if the kids get sick and need meds on regular intervals. That responsibility falls on overworked parents too! 

Medisafe has a safety net. It reminds the patient to take their pills, and if they may still miss it, the app can be set to remind loved ones too, kind of like a failsafe human snooze alarm.

It's said necessity is the mother of invention, and the Medisafe app sprung from two brothers' desire to help their diabetic father manage his health and medications better. 

We trust Medisafe, as it's THE leading app for managing even the most complicated medication schedules and more. Medisafe connects you to your family (and soon, your doctors) for support, encouragement and expertise. It learns about your unique situation, so it can deliver custom notifications for appointments and refills, medication updates, personalized health recommendations and discounts to help you stay in control, informed and on budget. And it correlates your progress with measurements like blood pressure and glucose levels to show the direct health benefit of taking your meds as prescribed. 

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Download the app here and start rewriting your own medication frustration story:

I've tried Medisafe for my own family and it works like a charm for uncomplicating our meds regimes. I can rest assured everyone's staying healthy and not accidentally missing or doubling doses, and we can all get back to the rest of our busy lives.

I received compensation for my work on this campaign. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. 

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