Sunday, September 18, 2011

Photo Filled Feature--Brilliant Corners of Popular Amusements

Here's a little taste of Brilliant Corners of Popular Amusements Ending Today

The circus(es) have come to town in a big way.    Today is your last chance to catch the dual big tops in Eckhart Park (Chicago & Noble).    Brilliant Corners of Popular Amusements is a brilliant idea whose time has come.    These are circus acts for all ages--from small children to jaded hipsters.    Don't expect animals, but you will see your fill of excellent clowning, aerial arts, tight wire, slack wire and circus arts.    In the 2nd tent, there's a great band line up.   We'll have much longer show reviews later, and a lot more photos soon, but we wanted to share the "best of" our Brilliant Corners photo filled adventures right away, so you don't miss out.    Today's the day!

Today 9/18 at 2:30pm, catch a taste of Zoppe Circus at 2:30 in the blue and white tent, completely free!    Highly recommended.    

They're a whole extended family of adult and kid circus performers--even the toddlers (and the mom with her baby in a sling) get in on the action!   We know Carlo & Orlean from CircEsteem classes and they're a great family.    We saw all the shows yesterday and they were universally fantastic!     Most of the ones in the tents are around $15 after the first free one, but strolling characters are free and put on good shows (like nails up the nose/ lying on a bed of nails, walking up sabers as ladder rungs, etc.).   

We were also amused by George Orange who came all the way in from Wales to perform!    We were impressed and enamored with both Chi-Town's local favs, El Circo Cheapo who headlined and Bindlestiff Family Circus who came in from New York.   They're the nail pounding, sword swallowing freaks, fascinating like a train wreck, where you cringe but can't look away.   Just be sure to tell the kids, "Don't try this at home."   Many of the shows had roots in punk, burlesque, vaudeville, underground performance art and steam punk.   Quite a tasty treat!  

Entry to the grounds is free, along with strolling entertainers and the outdoor music stage.    Other shows are ticketed individually or you can get a multi show pass.

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