Friday, May 20, 2011

Redmoon Theatre's First Youth Spectacle Entrances

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Tonight's your last chance to head over to Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum for Redmoon's first ever youth spectacle.   Redmoon Theatre's esoteric yet accessible take on the world is all over this magical, kid-centric show.   The audience was wide eyed and entranced with the hands on indoor art works and the choreographed outdoor show.   

We're raising a couple Montessori kids, so we're huge proponents of child-led endeavors.    This spectacle was especially exciting and impressive as it was designed, authored, built and performed by kids, from all over Chicago.    We were particularly enamored with the green space desks and the mechanical wings.    Though the immigrant shoe-cases and the wishing pebble boat were pretty impressive, too.   Every exhibit was thought provoking, playful and fun.    Redmoon's signature mechanical birds even made in appearance in shadow play, soaring aloft with the city at their feet.

After the show, the audience was invited up to meet the kids and check out the sets and costumes, in traditional Redmoon style.   Then a basket of chalk was made available for any kids or adults who wanted to make sidewalk art.   Each piece was wrapped in a note saying COMMIT TO CELEBRATION/ MAKE PUBLIC ART.    

The flip side encouraged artists to: 
make art with chalk/take a photo
go to Facebook/search "redmoon"
Like our fanpage/post your photo

We do like Redmoon.   We really do...and have for years.    Come on out and see the world in a new way, through the eyes of urban children. 

Ticket prices include admission to the nature museum before or after your time slot.    We made a colorful stop through the Butterfly Habitat to visit some of our favorite insects, and got a wet and wonderful hands on lesson in how rivers work and how people rework rivers in the River Works area.    We also made an exit through the gift shop where I was talked into some super absorbent colored beads for Sagezilla's bamboo plant (black of course-for my favorite little snarky punk) and two wolf headed walking sticks for all our summer hiking and camping.

Catch the youth spectacle if you can.   Hopefully this is the first of many for years to come.   This is a great, new endeavor for Redmoon Theatre and an invaluable resource for sparking the creativity of our next generation.    


Redmoon Theater at Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, 
2430 N. Cannon Dr., Chicago
Audiences of all ages from diverse Chicago neighborhoods will gather to witness a major cultural event designed, authored, built and performed by the young people of Chicago at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. Produced by Chicago's acclaimed large-scale spectacle theater company, Redmoon, the first-ever 'Youth Spectacle' will give Chicagoans a fantastical glimpse into the way local youth experience and interpret the natural world every day.