Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Got Kids? Summer Camp Music Festival Is Fun For All Ages #scmf11

Best of Summer Camp Music Festival 2009

If you've never been to 3 Sisters Park during Summer Camp Music Festival, you may have the impression it's just a major music filled party for the college age crowd.    But Summer Camp is much more diverse than that.   We've met people of all ages and multiple generations hanging out.  We met one 3 generation family with grandma, mom and kids all enjoying camping and music together. 

If you'd like to introduce your kids to great musicians, playful people, and the joys of music festivals, there is a funky, fun kids camp within Summer Camp Music Festival, running 11am-6pm Friday and Saturday.   It's not a drop off zone, but a fun space where parents and kids can come together and play.   These are a few of our favorite shots from 2 years ago, when we took Du-Jay and Sagezilla.    We skipped last year to camp at Devil's Lake as a family, and I was excited to be back this year, but I went solo.    

I had a whole different Summer Camp experience this time around, although I still checked in daily with our friends over at the kids camp, and will have photo filled 2011 adventures up soon.    I haven't had a mom's weekend out in 11 years, so it was great to camp with 3 "grown up" friends for a change!    It was still a working vacation, as I was there with the press.   I came home with over 16GB of fest photos!   But it was refreshing that nobody was waking me at dawn by jumping on my head, or needing an escort to the porta potty in the wee hours.    We've got a bit of editing to do, then we'll have a photo filled recap of the festival up in the very near future.

If you're thinking of bringing the family next year, kids under 6 are free with a paying adult.    Kids 6-12 are half price at the gate (though we wish they'd raise it to 10 and under free like Lollapalooza or 12 and under free like North Coast Music Fest last year!).    Next to Kidzapalooza, which is by far the most outstanding kids area we've seen at any music fest, Summer Camp is still up there, with one of the most family friendly areas out there.

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