Monday, April 26, 2010

I ♥ Faces Smiles

What's cuter than a 1st grader's gap-toothed grin?   A big, second place in City Wide, no-tooth victory smile! 

Sagezilla leveled up in tumbling this spring to Novice 6-7 year olds and placed 2nd in the North Region to qualify for the City Wide meet.   This weekend, she flip flopped and cartwheeled her way to a City Wide 2nd place medal on Saturday.   Go Super Sonic Sagie!


  1. Oh so cute! We have one of those smiles at our house too. haha Visiting from i heart faces.

  2. CONGRATS to her! And what a precious smile! She (deservedly) looks so proud. :+)

  3. Thanks for stopping at my blog; hope to see you come back again soon.

    Aww, congrats to her! Love the little pigtailed buns.