Sunday, April 18, 2010

Du Jay, Sagezilla and Friends Rock the Windy City Roller Derby

Kid friendly, grrrl power fun:

Before last Saturday, April 10th, the last Windy City bout we went to was the big championship we won against Rose City at the end of last season.   The October bout was so much fun.   We'd been to Portland in June and had a blast seeing Rose City on their home turf, but of course there's no place like home.   

We made good use of those vacation tees as we made effigies and rooted our Windy City girls on to victory.  

Windy City All Stars Vs Rose City Rollers
We finally made it back to our first Windy City Rollers bout this season (bout 4) and had an excellent time.   Du Jay and Sagezilla got a kick out of being recognized by a number of the derby girls who read the blog.   They had fun meeting Georgia On Yer Behind. 

And they hung out with Manic Attacker T-girl (Alison Chains?) for a long time.   

She was even treated to a slide show on the kids' cameras which included an elaborate funeral for a dead mouse, the kids' found while we were camping a few weekends ago.
Of course it's always fun to see our teacher friend don skates and ref.   We've know him for years, but this season it was xtra fun to see him,  as he's been teaching in Sagezilla's 1st-3rd grade Montessori classroom since fall.

We brought some kid friends with us who were newbies to derby, 
 Athenia--veteran derby baby, who made it to a good chunk of last season
and her big bro Prix--who at age 7 was already quite the little playa, checkin' out the derby girls.

The 3 way tie for first place made the match ups exciting.   And the punk acrobatics and silly games made the between bouts time fun.

4-10 best of windy city roller derby

The next bout is Saturday, May 1st, when The Double Crossers will have their chance to knock the defending champion Manic Attackers out of contention. The Fury will line up against Hell's Belles.    Look for Sagezilla and Du-Jay cheering uproariously and taking their own photos.
Thanks for the fun and we'll see ya on May Day.

Here's a recap of the bout and final scores, off The Windy City site.

April 13, 2010-Chicago-The Windy City Rollers home-league teams kicked off their season's second half with a pair of rematches on the night of April 10 in Chicago's UIC Pavilion. Behind the consistent jammer play of Ska Face and Jackie Daniels, the increasingly dominant Fury avenged their January loss to the Manic Attackers 110-85. In Game 2 the Double Crossers, who share first place with The Fury at 3-1, ran up the score on Hell's Belles, 158-75.

Photo by Gil Leora The Manics looked like they might give The Fury a game, jumping out to a quick 8-point lead after two jams and sustaining at least a 10-point advantage across much of the first fifteen minutes. Unable to spring the dangerous Kola Loka for big points, The Fury lined up for the fourteenth jam down two skaters and looking for a spark. It came in the form of a 15-point jam by Ska Face, who was able to exploit a cutting the track major on Beth Amphetamine. Superior blocking by Go-Go Hatchet, Sargentina, and Ivy Sedation, a third-year player who may have had her best game yet in the pack, put the Fury up 59-39 at the half.

Following a 21-4 run in the middle of the second period, Ska Face rang up another ten in the fourteenth jam, slipping around Beth Amphetamine for the final points. Amphetamine played valiantly in this game as a blocker, and Ruth Enasia scored 14 on the next to last jam of the game, leaving the final score closer than second-half play indicated. Ska Face collected Player of the Game Honors and sounded at game's end like The Fury intends to keep pushing their three-game winning streak. The announcer, Mouthpiece, asked her if the team would go all the way to the championship. "It's already done," she said. Final score: The Fury 110, Manic Attackers 85.

photo by Gil Leora The Double Crossers, dominated by The Fury two weeks ago, have the best chance to disrupt Fury aspirations for the Ivy King Cup. On Saturday night, Nina Millimeter and Julia Rosenwinkel combined for the bulk of points as the Crossers cruised against the Belles. When Pominatrix was sent off on a cutting the track major early in the bout's third jam, the Crossers dropped into their slow-down game and the adept Millimeter wove her way to 15 points. Belle jammer Deb Autry exploited a broken pack in the eighth jam for 4, and Belle captain Shocka Conduit, assisted by strong blocking from Mya SSault, registered a grand slam in the tenth to cut the Crossers' lead to 11. Another 15-point jam moments later by Millimeter, who went on to grab Player of the Game, put the Crossers out front for good.

The young Belles, who were missing injured co-captain Hermione Danger, got inspired play from Autry and Conduit. Conduit played her best game of the year, outmaneuvering Crosser blocking on multiple occasions with speed and agility. Autry, the leading Belle scorer coming into the game, also found her own points consistently. Belle blockers crowded the penalty box all night, however, repeatedly handicapping their jammers. Veteran Crosser blockers Donna Party, Norma Lee Wright, and Georgia on Yer Behind had their way most of the game with a lopsided pack. Mostly quiet in the second half, the crowd was revved up by Crosser rookie Joanie Utah, who picked up 12 total points in five jams while looking smooth and solid. Final score: Double Crossers 158, Hell's Belles 75.

Check out the Windy City site for tickets, times, and directions.

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