Friday, June 19, 2009

X Hits The Spot At Double Door 6/18/09

Last night, the kids had a sleep over with friends and we had the pleasure of seeing the legendary band, X, in the intimate Double Door club. Exene was incredible, belting out her lyrics with amazing energy, despite her recent diagnosis of MS. John Doe was out of his mind and rocked out as well. Billy Zoom stared down the first few rows with intensity, deflected with an occasional grin, and played like a maniac.

All four band members looked like they thoroughly enjoyed playing, despite jokes about the heat, ala "So, why is it so hot in here? What. Double Door didn't pay their electric bill, so no air conditioning?" It was warm, with the ineffectual fans just blasting hot air, like a hair dryer. But the sweaty crowd was undeterred and danced hard anyway.

The show, first night of a three night run, was amazing. People are able to vote on their favs for the set list each night, on the official site, for the Total Request Live Tour. Check in with Jam Base to hear songs, see upcoming tour dates, etc. I was even able to score an excellent X youth M shirt for $10, for the kidlets to share.

We ran into our moustached friend, who writes for Spin Magazine, whom Dug has known since high school. After the show, we bar hopped and ate late nite Flash tacos with other TV/film industry friends who had to get up this morning and work. There are some things in life worth missing sleep for.

Sagezilla lost her 3rd tooth while on her sleep over and was elated to discover the tooth fairy found her there, too. However, she was out of the usual gold dollar coins, onyx animals and slices of agate. But she left 4 quarters and a very cool horse necklace with a colorful stone in the middle! It takes a village..............

ChiIL Mama will be gone Phishin' this weekend, so check back in Monday for lots of photos and a recap of the weekend.

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