Thursday, June 18, 2009

Swede Times In Chicago's Andersonville Neighborhood

Big Sage (or Winter Sage), Little Sage and Dugan
both Sages are heading for 1st grade

Saturday was filled with intermittent, but severe thunderstorms, so we put off going to Midsommerfest till Sunday. It was a good choice, since the whole day was sunny and warm. We started with Dalerna horse decorating at The Swedish Museum booth. The excellent children's play village was free all weekend.

While there, we registered Du for Pioneer The World Camp at The Swedish Museum, a fantastic week long day camp where campers "travel" to a different country each day. Last year they got passports and boarding passes for a great cardboard plane and flew around the world. Each day they made crafts and food from the host country and learned songs, kids games and culture. The week culminated in a big, international show for all the families. Camp is for ages 7 and up.

Then we hit the kids area where we had another Sage sighting, and made masks and party cones (with our little friend who has a birthday the day after Sagezilla)and climbed the free inflatable climbing wall. Then we got bike maps and stickers and tested our knowledge of bike safety. The kids got a kick out of running into school friends. The oldest daughter (who was born the day before Du--same year) was dressed to perform with her Irish dance troupe.We wrapped up the fest with lunch at Andi's Mediterranean Restaurant. Mmmmm gyros and mojitos at the Swedish Fest. I feel more multicultural already.

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