Thursday, June 4, 2009

DIY Face Painting

Every year, our school has a big end of the year picnic at a local park within walking distance of the school. Last year I was talked into making face paint for the shindig and I volunteered again.

The recipe is easy:

1 part cold cream
1 part water
2 parts corn starch

I was able to get a Jewel generic of Eucerin and corn starch for half the cost. Dollar Bills has great little containers and paint brushes in varying sizes. Food coloring is pricy, but necessary, and we splurged on the regular and neon colors with an xtra large bottle of just yellow. We also have various paper based skin glitter to mix into some of the colors.

These paints are so economical for birthday parties, picnics or even regular playdays and back yard fun. And they come out of clothing and off skin easily.

Three years ago and before, we had parent volunteers doing the painting and the lines seemed to go on forever.

Last year we laid it all out there with one adult to supervise and let the kids paint themselves and each other.

It was much more fun for everyone.

So here's to another colorful year.
And here's to creative kids and bringing out the artist in everyone!

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