Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Manee Thai is BACK

Manee Thai has been our favorite Thai restaurant for years. One of the huge benefits to raising hip, urban children is the prevalent diversity and culture, including fabulous food. We're not raising nugget eatin' suburbanites here.

When Sagezilla was turning 4, she declared, "I don't want my birthday to be crowded. I just want to invite a few friend out for Thai food and then to see theatre." I marveled at her maturity, thinking, is this kid turning 4 or 40?! We did invite friends to Manee Thai, then took the el downtown to see a wonderful production of Go Dog Go by Chicago Children's Theatre, in a tent in Grant Park.

Last spring, we called Manee Thai to order out and the phone rang endlessly. That had never happened before. Undaunted, we grabbed our visiting friend, Danielle, got in the car and drove over to eat there. The building was a blackened hull! Sagezilla sobbed inconsolably all the way home. We later found videos of the blaze on Youtube in an attempt to find out what happened. A burner was allegedly left on accidentally. Fortunately, the fire happened at night and no one was injured.

In the intervening year, both kids have mourned the demise of our favorite restaurant and often hoped it would rise again from the ashes like a mythical Phoenix. Their old building has now been razed and an empty lot sits on the corner of Addison and Pulaski. We've also found that at least two other children we know cried at the incineration of Manee Thai.

But now, kids across Chicago can stop sobbing and celebrate again. The great news is, Manee Thai is indeed back, in a new location at 1546 West Chicago at Ashland. They're decked out with a Grand Opening banner and Valentine decor. And the food is as amazing as ever. We took the kids Friday after school as a surprise.

We joyfully endulged in Baby Eggrolls filled with glass noodles and chicken, Golden Triangles, Sesame Beef, Panang Curry Chicken, Pad Woonsen, Jasmine Tea, and Fresh Fruit Smoothies with giant tapioca balls. Dad was thrilled with the BYOB policy. You rule--with your paper napkin crowns. Welcome back Manee Thai!


  1. YEY!!!! Great news!!!! I hope Sagie cheered inconsolably all the way home :D

  2. Believe it or not there is good Thai food, even in the suburbs! :)

    I will admit though that most people do gasp when I tell them that M&K have never even been inside a McDonald's. I don't mention though that they do have the entire set of Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz Happy Meal toys that I painstakingly got for them -- without eating the food.

    I remember you telling me that your favorite place closed. It's nice it's open again.