Friday, September 5, 2008

Ren Faire Redux

Sick of talk of Bristol Palin, pregnant 17 year old daughter of Republican VP nominee, Sarah Palin? We experienced a Bristol, that's less of a political hot potato, on Labor Day. Monday was the final day for the Bristol Renaissance Faire and once just wasn't enough. So we went back for one last time this season. This time Sagezilla learned to do back flips on the Pirate Catapult and is officially ready to join the gypsies, Mooney the Magnif' Cent or at least Chicago's Midnight Circus. We went back for more mile high chocolate crepes, ship rides and spinning pirate's crow's nest rides. And of course we saw the kids' show by our friends "The Swordsmen". It was an especially amusing finale to the season with two mishaps. First, Dirk Perfect (Douglas Mumaw) was nearly undone in a sword fight with the floorboards. Then, the brave and stupid men were upstaged as a rock made it's comedy debut. The Swordsmen offered a cookie to the first child under 10 who could correctly answer Tudor as the last name of then queen of England. The little boy who got it right wiped out on a big chunk of gravel on his way to the cookie and hurt his knee.

The Swordsmen jokingly offered him the rock that hurt him, then threw it away, high in the air behind them, where it boomaranged off the backdrop and hit the same kid on his way back to his seat!

This time we caught the jousting and falconer.

We also spent more time in the children's area where Du-Jay and Sagezilla mixed many potions with a witch. She declared their requests to be unique and the most creative of the run of the fest. The crowning glory was a mixed transforming potion that would alter the shape of the drinker to anything, by request.
Both kids made sock puppets. Then we enjoyed the show "The Devil and the Baker's Wife" on the kids stage.

The kids even got knighted by the Queen of England, herself. Sir Du-Jay makes a fine knight, but Lady Sagezilla's still more pirate than lady despite the pedigree.

Both kids had a chance to shoot 12 arrows each at the archery range. They needed to hone their defensive skills in case some of the trolls, monsters and hairy beasties turned out to be real. People watching was at a premium.

We even spotted Green Man and Madame Butterfly who gave the kids a little turtle and an irridescent metal butterfly pin.

We were sad to see the faire end. As the day drew to a close, everyone joined in a drum circle dance where we heard strains of "........ na na na na, hey, hey, goodbye. Huzzah! Till next year.

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