Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Health Fair Weather in Chi Town

August 23 & 24 were FAIR game for fun times. Saturday, we began with two back to school health fairs, which were practical and enjoyable.

First we hit Hamlin Park, for a 32nd ward event sponsored by Alderman Waguespack. The kids came home with a reusable Jewel bags full of free school supplies, new toothbrushes, seeds to plant, and tasty samples from Costco. We also learned about the upcoming read for the record event set for October 2, where thousands will read "Corduroy" simultaneously. Mom was happy with free Starbucks coffee while the highlight for the kids was running a safe driver obstacle course in little pedal cars and earning Sheriff badges and star stickers.

Then we headed north to Brands Park where they offered free vaccines and dental check ups for back to school time. To soften the blow, they had a magic show, DJ and moon bouncer. And they offered candy, hot dogs, sodas, popcorn, Baskin Robbins ice cream and Eli's cheesecake--all also free.

Ever practical, my free range, organic fed son said "How come it's a health fair and they're serving so many unhealthy things?!" Why indeed. We came home with more school supplies and free goodies including vet t-shirts, CAPS water bottles and info on Galaxie Arts classes.

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