Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More Fair Weather Fun

Sunday, August 24th we went to two fairs that offered more healthy fare. First, we stocked up on goodies from Whole Foods vendors at the annual Flavor Fest in Trebes Park. We came home with bags full of free, healthy snacks and sampled many more at the fest.

This year, Flavor Fest joined the booking big league with national acts headlining each night. We missed The Smithereens, who played Saturday night, but were thrilled to catch an excellent show by The English Beat.

We also made it to The Bucktown Arts Festival. It was a hot day, and more crowded than ever, so we only stayed an hour or so. We packed a lot into a short time, though. First, we made a donation to the greyhound rescue in exchange for body painting, where Du-Jay asked for a creature made from parts of several animals mixed together. Thankfully, the artist liked creative kids and rose to the challenge instead of freaking out at the unusual request.
Then we caught some Indonesian dancing where Sagezilla was picked as a volunteer dancer. We rounded out the afternoon with a swim at adjoining Holstein Park.
The kids made it through their first 5 and 7 years, respectively, without discovering the joys of funnel cakes. However, an adult friend of a friend broke off a piece for each of them at West Fest and that's all it took.
I forgot all about it, but one look at the funnel cakes sign and one whiff of the deep fried, powdered sugar treat and they were salivating like Pavlov's dogs.
After a great swim, we ended the arts fest with a not so healthy, but super tasty treat. Mmmmmm--what says fest food like funnel cakes. Ah, well. Every once in a while........................


  1. you haven't fed them funnel cakes yet??!?!?!

    bad mommy!

    mmmmmmmmmmmm funnel cakes ......

  2. The Evil Funnel Cake Lobby has claimed two more young, innocent victims. A day of woe and sorrow for us all.

    The jerks with their darned sweet fried narcotic snack pull you into their twisted, dark world and never let you go.