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iPooKee: From Ashes of 9/11, Compelling YA Novel Uses Historical Tragedy to Empower Optimism & Confidence

Mention 911 in this country and it universally evokes emergency... add a slash 9/11 and it's tragedy.   The 9/11 attacks will forever be etched on our history.   

Last year we featured some amazingly insightful, strong theatre that arose from the ashes of the twin towers.   Check out our review of Sweet and Sad here.   This year it's a YA book that's evolved from the wreckage.   
We haven't had a chance to read it yet ourselves, so I can't vouch for the caliber of writing, but the concept is interesting enough that I wanted to spread the word, as we're all getting introspective on this 12th anniversary.   

Written by Brook Tesla, ‘iPooKee’ tells the poignant yet inspiring story of a young girl searching her father who disappeared on September 11th. By depicting the highs and lows of her often painful struggle to survive, the book delivers social and moral messages young readers cannot ignore. The over-riding question is bold – can America eventually regain its confidence?

While millions of Americans huddled on their couches exactly twelve years ago to watch the country’s biggest national tragedy unfold on live television, many of today’s tweens were either too young to process its effect or not even born yet. However, as the nation continues to rise from its ashes, a powerful new book helps readers old and young witness the effects of national tragedy on the individual bonds of love.

Bold, emotive and inspiring, ‘iPooKee’ also begs a number of vital societal questions that will help young minds appreciate the nation-shattering potential of tragic events.


Through the eyes of 10-year-old PooKee, Brook Tesla tells a touching, magical, and heartbreaking story about the aftermath of an unspeakable tragedy that shook the foundation of a great nation. The result is a heart-warming novel demonstrating the love, determination, and courage of an innocent child.

PooKee has no idea how her courageous quest to find her father will end. She doesn't know that she possesses the magical power of bending time backward and forward, which her Uncle Walter tried to teach her.
Will PooKee withstand the tests of the deceptive City of @, where she goes looking for her father? Will she be able to reverse the course of history to bring him back?

PooKee's story resonates with both young people and adults as she shares the highs and lows of her painful struggle to survive. By following her journey, Brook Tesla also delivers social and moral messages that are hard to ignore: Is a once-strong nation in decline? Can it regain its confidence?

As the author explains, the book offers more than just a gripping story.

“With its focus on September 11th, my narrative projects a bold ray of optimism; making it clear that our once-despaired nation must now move on. However, at the same time, I push readers to see the challenges of doing so if our nation is still in decline,” says Tesla.

Continuing, “While many readers won’t remember the harrowing images of twelve years ago, PooKee offers them a unique insight into what life was like that day for millions whose loved ones didn’t return home. However, it certainly isn’t a negative story – through PooKee’s brave adventure in Cyberspace, readers will turn the last page with a new view on love, bravery and determined to concur the evil in the world.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

“Like the Louisa May Alcott classic, ‘Little Women,’ the book demonstrates the immortal power of love. Like the Harry Potter series, it is as interesting to adults as it is to children. It is exciting, funny and poignant, all at the same time. PooKee, the heroine of the book, is a wonderful role model for tweens. I highly recommend this book,” says Monica Gagnier, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

Gustav McGuire was equally as impressed, adding, “The book is playful, sucks you into the plot, you'll not stop reading it. You'll come back to it, again and again, just like I'm doing now. Read this book and feel the despair of these days, but also be inspired by the hope that Pookee projects.”

‘iPooKee’, published by iPooKee Publishing Corporation, is available now: The book is also available on NookiTunesGoogle Play and Kobo.

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