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SCamp13 Is Imminent & Thursday Pre-Party Choices From Chicago & Beyond @summercampfest #SCamp13

SCamp12 Thursday/Friday  ChiILLiveShows.com

We'll be going off line and into the woods for Summer Camp Music Festival--the annual kick off to the Summer Music Festival Season this Thursday through Memorial Day Monday.    Once again, we have press credentials this year and both of our sites (ChiILLiveShows.com & ChiILMama.com) will go dark for 5 days so we can give our full attention to photographing, interviewing and covering SCamp in the wilds of Chillicothe, IL at 3 Sisters Park.

Here's our ginormous... full set... slideshow from SCamp 2012 broken down by days starting with Thursday/Friday last year.  

This is the first time we've put the good, the bad & the ugly out there unedited.   We generally break our shots into smaller features by band, theme, etc. and the public only ever sees a tiny fraction of what we shoot.  

But... just in case you & your friends or your fav bands are in there and didn't make the "best of" cut, we're putting the whole thing out there for you, just this once.   Enjoy!

*Click here for loads of ChiIL Live Shows & ChiIL Mama's past SCamp Coverage going back years!

Les Claypool rockin' SCamp12

ChiIL Picks List Thursday (pre-party) 2013 

Shows on our radar:  Cornmeal--8 Starshine & 11:30-1 Soulshine Stage Caravan of Thieves--9 Campfire  Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band--11:30 Campfire Stage Quixotic--12:45 Red  Barn

Kellar Williams--one of our all time favs--is back this year.   

Click HERE for ChiIL Mama's original video interview with Kellar & More photo filled past Kellar coverage.

Thursday Chicago bands playing: Lakeshore Vibe--5 Camping Stage Family Groove Company--6:30 Starshine Stage Digital Tape Machine--9:15 Starshine Future Rock 2:30-4 Red Barn

*Photo Credit:   Bonnie Kenaz-Mara for ChiILLiveShows.com/ ChiILMama.com. 
FULL LINEUP 2013:   Click on the band names for more details.  Wanna see the full line up for 2013 by stage/time/full description etc?   Click right here.   


Trey Anastasio Band
  • PLUS
  • STS9

Chi town favs & scamp regulars, VAN GHOST, will be back again for 2013:

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