Friday, August 28, 2009

Lollapalooza Sunday--Last Day of Fun Day 8/9/09

Our 3rd day of Lollapalooza 09 began again with the kids area, for early afternoon music, art,

hand painted tattoos

and colored hair fun.

Sagezilla watched the skateboard demo with rapt attention and showed off her skate skills, when kids were called to line up and get mini lessons.   We saw fellow sound guy, Matt Vogel, workin' the kids area 2 different days.

 Zilla's wearing another DIY shirt with Dug in 1995, sporting a giant mohawk as a NYE joke.   It reads ......but Dadda hadda mohawk!


We had another Mr. Z sighting, with the extra bonus of his wife and daughter, Ava.   

Again, I'll include a Snapfish link for anyone who wants to see more pixs than I can include in this post.

By 2:15 we were able to duck out and see Cage The Elephant.   The kids scored a great roll out Playstation mat to sit on, from some cool people who had an xtra.

We did a quick explore and picked up 2 more bags for collecting recyclables.   Then we saw an excellent set by The Raveonettes.

It was back to Kidzapalooza, then, for the final lottery of the year.   The kids both won harmonicas.    We were sad to miss Neko Case--Du even wore his Neko tee from Hideout where we saw her perform both days last summer.   But sometimes Lolla is too much of a good thing--all happening simultaneously.

 From there, we went back to the north end of the grounds and staked out a good spot for Lou Reed, Band of Horses and Jane's Addiction, with a bunch of people who've been our friends since BC (before children).

 Chris Fabian, and her long time boyfriend, Hank, stand out in the crowd.   Hank is a good guy to know, since he's head and shoulders above most, and easy to spot....especially useful for the directionally impaired or easily lost.


Dorothy and Dan are parents now, with a newborn at home.   Sebastian will be Lolling it up with the rest of us, after he learns to hold his head up.   For one last year, our kids still have a monopoly on Dan's attention.

He's no relation to Dug, despite the matching curls, but the kids have adored  "human jungle gym" Dan, all their lives.   He's a teacher, who has the same effect on my children, I'd imagine, of ingesting large amounts of chocolate covered espresso beans....   

It's fun to watch... while my brain says, woo hoo, it isn't me being pounced on, for a few minutes!

Former housemate Anna...

Cameramen Anthony Flores & Mark Niedelson...

and guitar winning Trevor's Mom, all made appearances, too..........and the rest......... here on Loll again Island.

The kids collected 2 more bags of recyclables, by the end of Lou Reed's set and we traded them in for super fun tees featuring a bunch of monsters rockin' out and a full listing of the bands on the back.  Saturday both kids got the 3 guitars forming the recycling logo tees.   They're the kind of kids who pick up other people's litter on a regular basis, when we camp and hike, just because it's the RIGHT thing to do.  So it was extra fun to see them rewarded for their efforts.


When Jane's Addiction began the final act of this year's fest, there was somewhat of a battle of the bands, when Band of Horses refused to cut their delayed set short and played over Jane's Addiction for several songs.    In the middle of the dissonant, sonic clash, Du-Jay decided he REALLY needed more space, so the whole family moved together to the back of the lawn.   
The kids needs really do come first.  I was already proud of them for being able to hang with the big kids every year, for 3 full, exhausting days of rock.   And sometime a little breathing room trumps great sight lines.   

I was sad to leave all our friends who had put down blankets with us, but we could still hear everything well and see OK.   But family sticks together.   The upside of the back o the lawn, was space to swing our glow in the dark poi balls.
My favorite quote of the day came during Jane's Addiction's opening number, when I held a rocking Sagezilla on my shoulders so she could see.   When the screens showed a large close up of Perry Farrell, I pointed him out to Sage saying, "There's Perry.   You hear him play every year in the kids area.  Remember, he signed your program two days ago and talked to you.   Now look.   He's that tiny speck, far away on the main stage being a rock star!"

Zilla thought about that for a few beats while she rocked out in my arms, then replied, "This band is BETTER THAN Perry Farrell." 

Yep, Sagezilla.   In rock bands, like life, the whole IS sometimes greater than the sum of it's parts.   That's why we stuck around.   And it was good to the last note, when we hustled out (one step ahead of the hordes), to race home, tuck in the tots and check off the new school supply list one last time.    Till next year.

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