Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I ♥ Faces Nostalgia-Sage in my favorite dress from 1972

The photo contest theme this week, at I ♥ Faces, is Nostalgia. Everyone is featuring pictures that conjure up a memory or story.

Mine is a story about a little five year old girl in the year 1972, who loved her red dress and wore it often. When she was in Kindergarten it was her absolute favorite. It's also a story of her Mom, who loved the little red dress, too, and saved it for 37 year! And, she not only saved it, but was able to FIND it in the basement, and pass it along to her granddaughter.

It's also a story of a little five year old girl in the year 2009, who refused to wear any of the 70's dresses, with the smocking, ruffles and tiny buttons, from the time she was 3 years old till the present. Her Mom finally pulled them, with the special outgrown dresses, and was ready to put them back in attic storage, for some future descendant to refuse to wear.

When magically.............the little girl decided she loved the little red dress, too! Despite the fact that it was more of a long shirt length and the top button had to be left open! Suddenly, this summer, it was again, the favorite dress of a little girl. And at age 6, she now adores squeezing into the too small, vintage dress...just one more time... every chance she's got.