Wednesday, July 29, 2009

World Record Racin' Cheetah and Tommy The Cat

Tuesday, we had the unique opportunity to see Sarah, the cheetah, run at full speed. Cincinnati Zoo is one of the few places in the world with a cheetah run. Sarah's in training for an August 15th run for the world record, against South African cheetah, Zaza. Check out the web links for amazing videos.

We also got to meet baby Cheetah, Tommy the cat, and see him do a fun run. "Hey baby, do ya wanna lay down with me. Hey baby, do ya wanna lay down by my side....." Thank you Primus.

Baby cheetah, Tommy the cat

The show also included two house cats, a boar, and a cheetah deterrent dog. Pictured above, is a Serval, demonstrating how high big cats can spring for prey, and how they can reach into holes and burrows to fish out small rodents.

The kids' camp shirts this year say "Fun on the Run" and feature a cheetah. The back states "A zoo camper is a happy camper". Our youngest happy camper has been exploring the jungle, and Du-Jay is in "You are what you eat". Yesterday he got to hang in the animal Commisary, or kitchen, and custom make a menu for an animal. Tuesday he got a certificate stating POOP EXPERT, after studying various sizes, shapes and types of animal excrement!

Zilla hung with the jungle predators and met a parrot who sings all of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." She put her gymnastics expertise to good use as they moved up into the lower trees, or the understory, of the rainforest yesterday.

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