Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 4--The Great Pacific Northwest Adventure

Day 4--Sunday, June 28th--DIY Theatre and down days

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Back in preschool, Dugan's teacher referred to weekends as "resting days", since the kids didn't have school. The term has stuck. Even on vacation, it's important to take resting days. We had 3 busy days, traveling and running around getting to know Portland and Hillsboro, and by Sunday, we needed a down day.

I caught a touch of flu and a bad sore throat, so I spent the day chowing down Airborne, fresh ginger slices in water and Ibuprofen. I also spent some quality time in the hammock in my sister's back yard, to let the sun work it's magic. Lots of germs aren't fond of sunlight.

The kids exercised their imaginations and made up the first incarnation of their play, which was to grow and evolve all week. We got to meet Kneeman, the wise midget teacher.
He came about when my sister got recruited into the show, but didn't want to wear the hot, sweaty mask. The Shoe of Unhappiness, The Magical Unicorn, The Moss Creature,The Purple Wave of Happiness and Unhappiness, and the Masked Creature, Tonks, also came into being. This kid was born to do Shakespeare!
Sometimes being creative and just hangin' out is the best kind of day to spend. It's easy to get so caught up in doing, we forget to just BE. So today we relaxed and played and didn't plan a thing, answer a phone or so much as check an e-mail.
In the evening, John had to go to work at McMenamin's Grand Lodge Hotel, and Maia and Dug went to join him there and have a few rounds of their specialty brews. Rumor is, they had a great time. The rest of us are hoping to see the hotel later this week.

As resident sick girl, I stayed home and tucked the kids in, and got some rest. Maia has a tent and sleeping bags set up for the kids upstairs, one room over from ours. They have a little lantern and have been having a blast "camping in".
I'd highly recommend it!

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