Wednesday, March 11, 2020

REVIEW: Grand Opening of Game Night Out at Chicago's Century Shopping Centre


Founded by Chicago-based brothers Aaron and Brandon Mojica, this hot new destination takes game night to a whole new level, featuring over 2,200 square feet of space to test your group’s communication, teamwork, critical thinking skills, and creativity

By Catherine Hellmann
Lucky Guest Critic

“Quite entertaining. You won’t be disappointed at the grand finale. It’s ‘dynamite,’” quips my best date Chris. Game on!!

Want to host one heck of a party, but don’t want to have to clean your condo beforehand (and after!), provide drinks and snacks, play host/hostess, worry that your guests will be bored/make up excuses to leave early, etc.?? “Oh, the babysitter needs to get home and study for her algebra final…” It’s just too much work, right? 

Have Game Night Out play host for you! At their new location (same building, different floor---with twice the space as before), the location looks like a really cool apartment you wish you could move into. 

Imagine having your friends over to play party games...and you can bring your own drinks. Game Night Out is fine with BYOB. 

As their website describes it: “Game Night Out takes this to the next level and invites you to game night at our place. This is a fun opportunity to connect with family, friends, or co-workers -  a chance to showcase your knowledge, compete head-to-head, work as a team, make new friends, and uncover inside-jokes.”   

Game Night Out can be rented for one, rwo, or three hour time slots. What a fun way to plan an outing for team-building with your fellow employees or entertain those out-of-town relatives! If you feel that you don’t know enough party games to keep everyone engaged, Game Night Out takes care of that, too! With an enthusiastic, outgoing staff, they will recruit even the shyest participants to shed their inhibitions and have a blast! There is a wide variety of activities: “guessing, logic, skill, strategy, knowledge, and pop-culture based group games.  Each game is challenging enough to keep you guessing,” but familiar enough for everyone to catch on and jump in. 

 The food was great, lots of cheeses, veggies with hummus, curry chicken, meatballs, and yummy desserts. 

Catherine Hellmann prefers board games over party games, but has a fondness for charades. 

Game Night Out
2828 N. Clark St. at The Century Shopping Centre on the 4th floor   Chicago, IL 60657

This isn’t just any old game night. Game Night Out, Chicago’s first interactive ‘Game Night’ Experience, has officially opened its doors in the Lakeview East Neighborhood on the fourth floor of the historic Century Shopping Centre at 2828 N Clark St. This new, one-of-a-kind space offers a fresh type of group activity, inviting friends, family, and colleagues alike to compete, in teams, during a private experience of original party games. Whether it’s an employee outing, a relative’s birthday party, or friends looking for a unique night out, Game Night Out invites everyone to get competitive in the name of fun. 

“The idea behind Game Night Out first stemmed from family game nights growing up,” said co-owner and creator Aaron Mojica. “My brother and Co-Founder Brandon and I really wanted to elevate the classic game night and make it more of a full interactive experience, and that’s how Game Night Out was born.”

Game Night Out’s sleek 2,200 square-foot new home, designed in conjunction with Chicago’s Aria Group, invites guests to unplug from the moment they step foot in the space. Just as their motto ‘It’s Anyone’s Game’ expresses, the highly adaptable two-room facility is just as cozy to a group of 6 as it is inviting for a group of 60. Your guests are welcomed by candle-lit fireplaces, a conveniently stocked kitchen with ample counterspace, and plenty of comfortable areas for guests to let their guards down. Each game moves fast and keeps players on their toes, requiring them to think quickly and work as a team. The experience is guided by a Host who helps explain the rules, encourage competition, and keep the experience on track and full of laughter.

To learn more about Game Night Out or to reserve a room, please visit or call 312-448-7247.

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