Sunday, February 23, 2014

WIN 4 Tickets to The World Premiere of SPARK (9+) at Adventure Stage & Catch Push Play Free This Mon & Tues

Here at ChiIL Mama, we're long time fans of the fantastic work Adventure Stage does.  They're great about community building, bringing world premiers to life, and rocking the family friendly fare.  Check out their talented kids' from the ASC Trailblazers in FREE shows THIS Monday and Tuesday.  

Then CLICK HERE to enter to WIN 4 free tickets (ages 9+) to the opening day performance (April 5/4pm) of  SPARK by Tom Arvetis!  He's a local dad and fixture in the Chicago theatre world.  Check out our past video interview with Tom (12/11) right here.

ASC's Trailblazers present the world premiere of...

Mon, Feb. 24 & Tue, Feb. 25 at 7:00pm 
Our Trailblazers are putting the final touches on their creation PUSH PLAY, an inventive exploration of violence and negativity in media and how all of us are affected by it.

The world we live in is complicated, and children process it in a myriad of ways.
With PUSH PLAY, our young heroes have created a show that we think your young heroes should see.

So grab your kids. Join us for the play. And let's START A CONVERSATION.
TICKETS ARE FREE. Refreshments served afterward.
Call 773-342-4141 or visit to reserve your seats.


Don't miss this exciting new stage play that completely re-imagines the classic myths of Prometheus and Pandora.

(Suggested ages 9+/4th grade.  Under age 5 NOT admitted.)

“It only takes a spark to ignite a flame.” 

Pandora lives a regimented life within the underground tunnels of Sanctuary, a secluded community designed to outlast the raging violence outside its walls. Each inhabitant of Sanctuary has a purpose, a place, and a common enemy—the mysterious Outliers who live in the world above.  

But after Pandora personally encounters two young Outliers, she starts to question all that has been taught to her. Is Sanctuary the safe haven she has always believed it to be, or a prison built on fear? As sides are chosen and truths shattered, Pan must ultimately decide between the life she knows and the one that is calling to her. 

Using projections designed by Liviu Pasare to simulate the texting and gaming that is ever-present in Sanctuary’s techno-savvy world, this inventive adventure set in the near future is recommended for ages 9 (grade 4) and up.

The Prometheus Project began when playwright Tom Arvetis and director Rives Collins visited several Chicago middle school classrooms and conducted a series of story circles with Adventure Stage’s West Town neighbors, utilizing the Greek myth of Prometheus as a starting point for understanding contemporary challenges within our community. Themes of power, violence, sacrifice and hope emerged as young people and families shared the daily struggles they experience. Out of these story circles, SPARK was born.

Relying heavily on the archetypes of the Hero’s Journey, ASC's goal with SPARK is to ask our audience to think critically about the responsibility we have to our neighbors and the courage it will take to move our communities toward a more imaginative, healthy and tolerant status quo.

Check out our performance schedule, press release, cast and crew, and special events sections for more information!

TICKETS ON SALE NOW! Click here for more information. 


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