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ACT OUT OPENING: 13TH Annual Sketchbook at Collaboraction

Do you like to see creative, thought provoking new works before anyone else?   Hop on board the blue line, green line, brown line, and black line at Collaboraction for a slew of world premiers.   We'll be checkin' out and reviewing the blue and green line shows today.   Last year we did a one day theatre immersion where we saw ALL the Sketchbook plays in one day and it an intense, altering experience.   Highly recommended. 

Flat Iron Arts Building
1579 N. Milwaukee, 3rd Floor

14 world premiere works of theater
Over 150 participants  
Four programs to choose from   

Each "line" on the transit map constitutes  
a complete mind-blowing theater experience

See all 4 Programs in One Day with your Festival Pass!
Price Point                           

Hospital & WeatherVane

Snapshot & Deadpan Melodrama    

The Shorts: 9 Destinies
with Musical Guest 

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The Green Line
A full-length devised piece  

Price Point
Co-devised by the ensemble members of Honey Pot Performance:  
Felicia Holman, Aisha Jean-Baptiste, Abra Johnson and Meida McNeal

Pictured ( clockwise from top left):  Felicia Holman, Abra Johnson, Meida McNeal and Aisha Baptiste-Johnson 

Price Point explores notions of fairness and balance, or the lack thereof, in today's economic landscape through a mixture of the tragic and comic. The work combines movement, theater, song and image to examine the state of the American Dream.

The Blue Line
Two one-act plays with an intermission

Conceived by Sarah Illiatovitch-Goldman and Diana Rose and created by Sarah Illiatovitch-Goldman, Diana Rose and Robin Toller
devised by Carolyn Hoerdemann, filmmaker Ann Sonneville and Tony Werner, written by Tony Werner, with creative consultant Jess McLeod
Pictured (from left): Sarah Illiatovitch-Goldman, Ann Sonneville, Carolyn Hoerdemann 

A stay at a hospital is a strange and scary theatrical experience. At our most vulnerable moments of losing physical control of our bodies we are asked to surrender emotional and intellectual control, and give our trust to a group of strangers. Hospital brings the audience into the private world of one patient as she journeys through the bizarre and surreal world of the medical system. 

Christina and Nicole are both outsiders in a system that demands assimilation and loyalty. They married into a powerful family, and Nicole has been guiding her through the process. When Christina's husband goes missing, she goes into hiding. Can she trust the more adapted Nicole and survive the onslaught of the established order?


The Black LIne
Two one-act plays with an intermission

by Brett C. Leonard, directed by Anthony Moseley
Deadpan Melodrama
by Bob Glaudini, directed by Scott Illingworth

Pictured (from left): Chris Meister, Karl Pontliff, Morgan McCabe, Susan Jamshadi

The family of a contract killer faces its demons in a battle between amnesia and revenge in this provocative new play by the author of Guinea Pig Solo and The Long Red Road

Deadpan Melodrama
What do parents owe their children? How does a child live up to the expectations of their parents? At 40, Rogers and Trish continue to struggle with who they are and how to live in this world. Their confusion clashes violently with the immobility and inflexibility of their parents.

The Brown Line
The Shorts: 9 Destinies
Nine short plays of 7 minutes or less
Featuring live musical guests every night
Pictured (from left):   Kiley Moore and Aja Wiltshire 

The Sorrows of Young Werther  by The Q Brothers, directed by Kimberly Senior
featuring Eric Swanson, Torian Miller, Kiley Moore and Mike Hahalyak

Young Werther is unlucky in love. He turns from one failed love to pining after an engaged woman. This update on Goethe's classic pokes fun at Werther's misfortune through the lens of his increasingly melodramatic and irrational letters to his friend.

Native American Princess 
by Stanley Toledo, directed by Elana Boulos featuring David Seeber, Alex Stage and Aja Wiltshire

All relationships start in fantasy. Some fantasies are more extreme than others - as Native American Princess suggests. Believing in fate and true love, Joel follows the signs of the universe, ignoring warnings at every turn.

Everything is Permitted 
by Chelsea M. Marcantel, directed by Mignon Stewart featuring Derek van Barham, Ben Gojer, Kanome Jones and Jackie Koester

A group of students have constructed their own Dreamachine - a device that can stimulate the brain and induce episodes of lucid dreaming. However, in the hands of these young and inexperienced students, the Dreammachine stimulates greed and obsession as well.

by Adam Joshua Seidel, directed by Sarah Gitenstein featuring John Crothswaite and Barbara Figgins

After 300 years trapped in darkness, Grace is cynical and abrasive. When faced with abandonment by her spiritual advisor, she must determine if her protective outer shell is more important than being honest with herself.   

Minus You 
by Jennifer Barclay, directed by Paige Riley, featuring Jane Brody and Walter Brody

There are those we truly cannot live without, and life without them is distinctly missing something. In the wake of an accident, Lennox and Gracie struggle to reach out for each other and hold on to what they have lost.  
Survey No. 5 
by Alex Lubischer, directed by John Rooney, featuring Nick Timmons and Lorraine Freund  

The audience is polled and drinking games enacted in this sprint across the minefield of breakups and bisexuality.   

Shuffle Off 
by Gregory Hardigan, directed by Danny Bernardo 
featuring Aurora Adachi-Winter, Garrett Lutz, Charlie Oh, Charlie Rasmann, Ray Rehberg, Angelica Roque and Matt Tassell

Earl is dying on the side of the highway. His iPod is stuck on shuffle, replaying random moments from his life, trying to find the perfect song to end on, but music can be like life - random and cruel.

Theater McGuiver 
co-devised by Jenny Lynn Christoffersen and Jaci Entwistle featuring Jaci Entwistle and Dan Krall

Inspired by everyone's favorite TV resourceful Rube Goldberg-esque inventor, one man will enter the theater. Given a task and a box of miscellany he will, through the magic of theater, accomplish his task. The fate of the world is in his hands.

The Most Delicious Little House for Beginners (Clip Her Small to Fit the Boards) 
devised and performed by Kelly Rafferty and Heather Warren-Crow

Tinkerbell is on uppers, and Wendy is a drunk, desperate housewife who now lives inside the teevee. Together they pine after Peter and sort through the media traces of colonialism that perpetually overwhelm their home in Neverland.

Save the date.   The Decades Project is going to be epic!  June 21 & 22 only.

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