Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Flamenco Weekend-Multicultural Magic-A Traves Del Espejo-Through The Mirror


It's that once a year chance to catch the annual flamenco dance show from Studio Mangiameli "A Traves Del Espejo (Through The Mirror)."  It runs May 18-20th.  

A Través Del Espejo (Through The Mirror)
Adventure Stage Chicago

A friend of ours is performing with thirty flamenco students from Studio Mangiameli and many of Chicago's flamenco scene's finest live musicians.   She's a Chi town mom, a pediatrician, and a flamenco dancer.   Here at ChiIL Live Shows/ChiIL Mama we love to highlight parents pursuing their passions in the creative arts--music, dance, theatre, visual arts and beyond.   There IS life after birth.   

We also had the great pleasure to snap stills and shoot the Q & A at another accomplished flamenco dancer/ Chicago mom show a few weeks back.  Wendy Clinard's work was a joy to see, and originally inspired by her travels with her young daughter.

Chi, IL Live Dance-Multicultural-"From the Arctic to the Middle East (Broken Narratives by an American Flamenco Dancer)"   We're still editing and building a feature and will have that for you shortly.  

Here's the scoop on this weekend's show --Studio Mangiameli "A Traves Del Espejo (Through The Mirror)" from their official release:

Mirrors are a dance student's best friend and worst enemy, exposing moments of beauty and clarity as well as missteps and faulty technique. A Través Del Espejo is about those occasional magical and transcendent moments when a dancer looks not just into the mirror but through it, where one inhabits one's fantasy and is transformed by the power of one's imagination. Those moments are what keep us going through  countless classes and rehearsals, hours of frustration and fatigue.

Developed by Artistic Director Chiara Mangiameli, whom The Chicago Tribune calls a "formidable flamenco dancer" for her work alongside master chef Rick Bayless in the current production of Cascabel,  A Través Del Espejo brings together and ensemble of nearly thirty flamenco students from Studio Mangiameli with some of the most accomplished professional musicians in Chicago's flamenco scene such as members of Las Guitarras De España and El Payo.

True to flamenco and its emphasis on personal expression, the student body displays a large age range, each dancer interpreting  the various moods and emotions behind each piece.

Chiara Mangiameli, dance and vocals
Carlo Basile, classical and flamenco guitar
David Chiriboga, flamenco guitar
David Gonzalez, vocals
Kinan Abou-afach, cello and oud
Omar Almusfi, percussion

Note: Free parking is available on Friday and Sunday in the Roman Polish Catholic Union lot on 984 Milwaukee Ave.
Street parking on Saturday.

Tickets are $20, $25 cash only at the door (no discounts will be given at the door).

Minimum Age: 7
Kid Friendly: Yes!

Email:  studiomangiameli@gmail.com
Web:  http://www.studiomangiameli.com

Click here to purchase tickets

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