Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What's Under Our Tree-Part 2

What's great, green, retro, metro, funky and fun?

If you're still stuck on gift giving ideas, we can help.   Here's part 2 of our quick guide to some quirky, unique and newly released gifts that are sure to please.
Here are the best we discovered at Chicago Toy and Game FairChild's Play Holiday Blogger Brunch, and on our own.

If you missed our Toy and Game recap, click HERE.

Now for what's under our tree:

Today we bring you parts 3-5 in our recommended gift list.

Third--Gifts That Grow Your Brain:

Scruble Cube--We love this great word game and puzzle, with all the vocab. building powers of scrabble without all those pesky little tiles to lose!   Highly recommended.

Dig It-Roman Town--These guys have an award winning archeology computer game the kids will really dig.   Highly recommended.

Thelittlegreenmoneymachine--future entrepreneurs get a leg up with money managing play and kid sized businesses that can really make money.   Check it out and maybe an MBA is more likely than a Mom's Basement Ambition for your business savvy offspring. 

Bananagrams.com-- (apples & pears)--More witty word play so the fruits of your game days will grow future wordsmiths.   Bananagrams in an award winning anagram game we bought last year, and love.   Now bananagrams has been fruitful and multiplied.   New additions appletters and pairs in pears.

Fourth--Planes, trains and automobiles...

both of our kids thoroughly enjoyed imaginative play with their big train table and Thomas The Tank Engine.   The also spent hours creating with Mega Bloks.   Now, they've merged together, for twice the fun for little ones!   Enter here at ChiIL Mama through Tuesday midnight to win your own set! 

Roadrippers-Road Rockin' Rides (3+)--We recently met up with Toy Stateat The Child's Play Blogger Brunch and were introduced to their fun line of vehicles.   I thought Du-Jay and Sagezilla were a bit old for their smaller toys, but they have been rockin' the little cars.   Zilla's plays Funky Town, which she never tires of.  What's ChiIL Mama's favorite feature?   The bigger vehicles have a mute button, so those batteries don't have to mysteriously disappear behind the couch to preserve your sanity.

Fifth--For the big kids:

Mama's Little Helper--Macbook Pro--What can I say.   After using windows for decades, we're converts.   We got a Mac laptop 3 years ago and never looked back.   We named the white one Yeti.   This Christmas we're adding a sleek, silver MacBook Pro, named Sasquatch, to the family.

DVD's--david bowie rare and unseen and The Sacred Triangle:  Bowie Iggy & Lou 1971-1973--Gotta respect your elders.   Introduce your older punk kin to Bowie, Iggy and Lou with these sweet DVDs.

Reckless by Cornelia Funke and Adam Watts' CD, Murder Yesterday with the song, Reckless.--We're huge fans of Cornelia Funke's prolific writing and vivid imagination.    The author of Dragon Rider and The Inkheart Series has released another winner with Reckless, a book she co-wrote over 2 years with .   We'll have a full Reckless review and a bunch of photos from her recent book release tour, in early 2011.   We even have an Adam Watts CD featuring the tune, Reckless, inspired by the book.

Remember to enter to win the 4 great toys at the top of this post and our signed books by Ayun Halliday and Danbert Nobacon (signed by illustrator/filmmaker Alex Cox).   Entries accepted through midnight Tuesday.   Enter HERE at the bottom of the post for the toys.   Enter HERE for the autographed books.   Enter both contests-one entry per person per week.   Good luck!

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