Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Win-A-Disc-Wednesday: We pick The Boogers!!

I grew up on bands with names like SNOT, and I've been known to sing my kids lyrics like "'s nose picker and hands-in-the-pants." to embarrass them out of inappropriate public behaviors.    So we were excited, to say the least, to be invited to see The Boogers play at Reggie's Rock Club.

Zilla was snarky when we arrived, because I wouldn't let her bring in a sketch pad and Crazy Bones, so Reggie's doorway greeting "We're Not Happy Till You're Unhappy" amused me.    But she soon warmed to the punk atmosphere and had a blast identifying many of her favorite bands, like Sonic Youth, Mudhoney and Naked Raygun on the wall posters.  

I nostalgically regaled the kids with tales of The Cows shows, where they did freaky gymnastics and contortions, while still managing to grind out noise punk songs.   Before The Boogers even started, our kids were hepped up, just to be in a grown up club.

We saw toddlers sporting Metro t's and a little black shirt with cartoons of The Ramones and the line "Rock N Roll Preschool" that Sagezilla had and outgrew, a few years back.   We even saw a Dad and mini me in matching 80's style leather, biker jackets.   Psycho Baby owner, Marlo, generously printed free Lil Booger t-shirts for all the rocker spawn in attendance.  
So, everyone was stylin, when the trio of Boogers took the stage.

With Crusty Booger on vocals and guitar,

Sticky Booger on drums
and Greeny Booger on bass and vocals,

Reggie's was really rockin.
It was great to watch the next gen of mini moshers, developing their own dance styles.

The adults and bigger sibs had fun, too.   I caught more than a few drumming on the wood tables and playing air guitar.   Here's a tasty YouTube clip to give you a flavor of The Boogers.   It celebrates my son's favorite lunch staple.  

My personal fav was one of their last numbers, for practical and entertainment reasons.   The Boogers play a mean version of The Ramones classic, "Beat on the Brat".   However, they  have reinvented the lyrics into a benign celebration of t-ball instead of child abuse, and still kept the song fast and fun.  

My own kids cheerfully belted out "Beat on the brat with a baseball bat, oh yeah.   Oh yeah.  Ohoooh." at the most inopportune times, from toddler hood on.   Now a new generation of parents can still play their punk kin the rockin' tune without those inconvenient summons to the principal's office.   As parents of young children themselves, The Boogers "get it".   Here's the Ramones original since we couldn't find a video yet of The Boogers awesome remake.

The Boogers have a new disc, due out later this year, but until then, their 1998 release Road to Rock will have your kids skankin'.   Parents will chuckle at inside jokes  like "The nursery rhyme remains the same" and the kids will get all their squirrelies out to revved up, punk versions of a number of kids classics like "row yer boat", "the abc song" and "bah, bah blacksheep".

This is real rock and roll for the past and future black sheep in the family.   Kids are punks at heart.   They live in the moment, spot the insincere and call you on it, and man can they rock hard.    I've been known to wake up early on the weekend with 2 little monkeys thrashing around in MY bed, belting out "Blitzkrieg Bop" or "Ballroom Blitz" at full volume.   As my hard core, 80's punk, baby daddy once said of parenting, "I never really knew what anarchy was until it was jumping on my head."

Fireside Bowl, Sweet Alice's and Dreamers may be a thing of your past...............but for those about to rock, there's always The Boogers.
The Boogers generously kicked us 4 CDs--one to review and 3 to regift.   We have one this week for Win-A-Disc-Wednesday and then we're gonna make you wait for it..............wait for it.    The Boogers are off to play outta town, but they'll be back in full force for Logan Square's Metronome Fest this summer.  Check their website for tour dates, new CD release info and to purchase Road to Rock.   This disc's a keeper!  
"Road to Rock" was named a 2009 National

Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) GOLD
Winner (and a Family Friendly designation too)!

Enter below to win.    Winners picked May 19th.

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