Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gymnastics, Skating and Hibernating

"I wish we were bears," Sagezilla exclaimed on this long 3 day weekend.   "I REALLY wanna hibernate, too."   Instead, we reluctantly climbed out of our down comforter cocoons at 6AM to trek down south to the Fox Valley Tumbling Invitational in Aurora.   It ended up being worth the drive, as both kids placed 2nd in their age groups.   I can't rave enough about the Chicago Park District.   We've been enrolled in park sport like gymnastics, soccer, swimming and floor hockey for the kids whole lives.   We've also loved pottery through the parks for years.   Park district classes are a reasonably prices, fun, confidence builder.   Take that, bears!   We're staying active through the cold, winter months.

Down in Aurora, the kids got a good work out and some friendly competition in a spacious gym.   Then we stocked up on used book at a sale in their local library, which is conveniently located in the same building as the park district.  

We finished off our little jaunt to the south with a half a tank of 20 cent cheaper gas (woo hoo) and an excellent lunch at a little wood smoked BBQ joint on Ogden Ave. in Naperville called Gemato's.   While there, we thoroughly enjoyed the food and read all about Calamity Jane, Will Rogers and Pancho Villa on the walls.   As we finished our lunch, an elderly gentleman with a walker came by with a giant bag of stuffed animals and proceeded to ask permission from all the parents, to distribute them to their kids.   We left with a free wide eyed, gray dog and a hairy polar bear to add to our menagerie at home.

Sunday, we really did hibernate.   We'd been visiting friends till 1am Saturday night and were all up way past our bed times, and ChiIL Daddy had been gone for a week, traveling for work.    There's something to be said for relaxing, family time.

Monday, we spent a day skating with friends down in Hyde Park.   Thank you MLK.  You would have approved of the diverse group of people skating peacefully and playfully

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