Monday, December 14, 2009

Gymnastics Fun

ChiIL Mama took a little break from the Holidaze madness this week and made a foray into the world of kids competitive gymnastics.  Both and Du-Jay and Sagezilla had their first regional meets on Monday and Wednesday respectively.  

Du qualified for a city wide meet on Saturday by winning 2nd place in rings and 3rd in floor.  He also won a 5th place ribbon in vault.

Sagezilla won 4 ribbons--4th in vault, 7th in floor, 8th in beam and 8th in all around.   The kids have taken gymnastics since they were both one.   But we were pleased and surprised to win anything, since it was our first attempt at a competition.

Because of the big Saturday meet, we were a bit sad to miss Breakfast with Tomten (Swedish Santa), a tradition of ours for the last 3 years.   And we missed the first Polar Adventure Day of this winter--but there will be more.   

 Mostly, we were proud of Dugan's hard work and all the practice that went into winning his medals.   He was so happy and excited.   It made missing a few seasonal events well worth while.

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