Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving and The Birthday Party of Death

This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for the usual--friends, family, etc.  

But, I'm also thankful for getting in to see a doctor at the last minute, yesterday, to get eyedrops for my double conjunctivitis (pink eye--in layman's terms) an annual and oh so fun fall tradition in our family for 4 years running.   Woo hoo--November, time for turkey dinner, pink eye and school head lice infestations.   Still, these are minor inconveniences compared to the major health and economic crises facing so many families.

I am also thankful to have kids with a great sense of humor.   They crack me up daily.  I have a sweetheart of a boy who would do anything for his friends and who is not afraid to dress up and be goofy--a trait lost in so many 8 year old boys who are suddenly too cool for childhood.   You've gotta love a boy who'll wear a silly hat.

And, I am thankful for my rough and tumble girl--my tomboy in a tutu.   She takes ballet and tackles (and takes down) 10 year old boys!   Sometimes parents of young girls OD on the cute.   There are too many 6 year old girls obsessed with pretty princesses and pink ponies.   I'm soooo thankful my kid isn't one of them.  

I relish the dark humor when I can find it, and she has a good appreciation for the macabre, too.   She was recently invited to a gymnastic birthday, where the release form was so grim, I had to read it aloud to my husband, and laugh about the "Birthday Party of Death" we were sending our darling daughter off to.

When I realized, much to my chagrine, that Sagezilla had overheard me from the next room, I quickly backpeddled and explained it would be perfectly safe and fine.    They were just covering their butts from sue happy parents.   It's just like Jump Zone and inflatables place waivers.   No big deal.   I worried for a second, that she'd be fearful to go.   Instead, my little punk rocker gave a wicked grin and exclaimed, "Cool!   Maybe I'll break my arm there and get to go to the hospital!"

........Finally, I am thankful neither kid has broken any bones, yet.   And I am eternally grateful that our sue happy society provided us an afternoon of great amusement.   I'll conclude with the "Happy Birthday Party of Death Release Form".    Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the dark humor where you can get it.

Dreams Gymnastics Club, Inc.

Party Participation Informed Consent and Waiver

I, _____________________________________ the undersigned, on behalf of my child,

____________________________, and my child’s father/mother (circle one)

______________________________ consent to my child’s attendance at and participation

in the activities, including, but not limited to, bouncing on the 30 foot long Tumble Trak®,

swinging on the rope and/or bar into the foam pit, jumping into the foam pit, floating under the

parachute and participating in the obstacle course and other activities offered at the Dreams

Gymnastics Birthday Party.

I understand and acknowledge that my child’s participation at the Birthday Party is an inherently dangerous activity and I acknowledge that, Dreams Gymnastics, Inc. has taken every precaution

required to avoid injury to participants in Dreams Gymnastics Club Inc.’s Birthday Party. I

further acknowledge that despite the precautions taken by Dreams Gymnastics Club Inc., my

child’s participation in the Birthday Party, may result in injury to
my child, including but not limited to: minor to severe bumps,
bruises, cuts and scrapes, minor to severe joint sprains to the shoulders, elbows, knees, ankles, feet and hips, minor to severe ligament and tendon sprains and tears, broken bones, minor to severe head injury, minor to severe neck sprains, and/or spinal cord damage which may result in paralysis. I acknowledge that I understand the inherent risks associated with the Birthday Party, including,

but not limited to the above mentioned injuries, and consent to my child’s participation in the Birthday Party.

I understand and acknowledge that Dreams Gymnastics Club Inc. is not responsible for any items

lost, stolen and/or left at Dreams Gymnastics.

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